Exclusive interview with “Australia Nakamoto”: I’m going to destroy the money bit,

“Everybody said I was a liar, but I let you see, I was a billionaire.”

“We are going to ABC rolled into slag, are prepared to, bit rolled into slag.”

If Craig Steven Wright claims, November 15th, BCH will usher in a hashrate war.

Craig Steven Wright, is in recent years has been claimed to be the creator of the bitcoin Nakamoto Australia scholar and businessman Craig Steven computer Wright (hereinafter referred to as: CSW).

Because have not come up with bitcoin private key founding blocks to prove their identity, he is not really Nakamoto so he was also still each one sticks to his argument, called “Macao satoshi”.

But now, his time and energy is not focused on bitcoin (BTC), but in August last year BTC bifurcating from bitcoin cash (BCH).

BCH in the bitcoin expansion dispute. In August 1, 2017, Bitcoin-ABC, ViaBTC, led by bit, BU development group, the original bitcoin core development team, the bitcoin hard branch, this is one of the problems solving bitcoin expansion scheme, BCH was born.

After BCH started to get bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver, CSW et al support. According to the circuit diagram and the BCH community every 6 months to BCH a hard branch. In the 5 months of this year completed the first hard at the bifurcation, the development team reached a consensus on the bifurcation, no new bifurcation coins the size of the blocks, will be increased from 8M to 32M.

The BCH team member Jiang Jiazhi said, after the birth of BCH, did not stop the controversy over the situation occurred in the BTC community, “WeChat group, twitter, forums, in many places in the debate.” At present, around the development of BCH can be divided into three camps, with a bit, led by “radical”; “conservative the Cong CSW led to protect bitcoin fundamentalism in the name of the Australian false; and BU Cobra, led by the centrist.

In August this year, CSW has proposed a development team will be released and is not compatible with the version, and launched a war to force is BCH, getting back to the real bitcoin, and this will destroy its war disagreement Bitcoin ABC, which makes him controversial.

Detractors, he is lying in the mouth gun ‘, unmotivated. In the Wu Jihan recent tweets, CSW even accused of heresy, spy and V in God’s eyes “false nakamoto”. But there are also supporters, “he won’t speak but very sincere person technology frenzy.” Supporters say so.

No matter how hard the BCH bifurcation has CSW spoiler apart.

11 June 7, Odaily exclusive interview to the daily planet in London CSW, asked him why not support BTC in favor of BCH, why to launch this war, whether is in the purchase of a force to prepare, how to treat the eyes of others “he is a madman”.

Bit, is a joke, I’m going to put it into rolling slag

Odaily: the daily planet for the bitcoin cash hard fork, what is your team technical proposal?

CSW: we want to maintain the “native bitcoin” idea, we want to run the code to play a role, so that everyone can benefit from, and we want to sustain the vision of the Cong. But others change Nakamoto’s vision, they always want to add a variety of bitcoin something, or even be criminals use.

Odaily: but the daily planet fully maintain the original version is very difficult, for example, I heard that BSV also fixes some of the original bug?

CSW: Yes, we just fix some loopholes, but did not change the agreement. The bitcoin protocol is sent to the electronic cash. Everyone in the repair errors, it’s like I have a car for a long time, although the car is not the car first, but I can make changes in the car, such as the optimization engine, to give it power as the original car.

Odaily ABC of the Daily Planet: so why you oppose is that they began to change the “original bitcoin”?

CSW: Yes, you have to look at the specific reasons.

Odaily: but now the daily planet in the community, ABC has gained some support, including bit, Wu Jihan. You are worried about this problem?

CSW (suddenly hilarious): ha ha ha ha, I told him the sad sad. Wu told Jihan, I actually are doing more things than to worry about this problem is much more important. Bit, to improve the efficiency of mining equipment for mining 50%, but a bit, may soon be finished now, because the company may soon go bankrupt. Bit, is a joke.

The daily planet Odaily: so, you do not worry about their stress?

CSW: I think they have a force, but is a bit, * *.

Odaily Star Daily: some people think that BSV has the force to compete with ABC, after all you need is to win the war.

CSW: we are very good. We are going to ABC rolled into slag, are prepared to, rolled into a bit (We grind Bitmain into nothing slag). I didn’t care about it for two years. I don’t care about these things. I don’t care about Wu Jihan will not because it is not a debt to jail. But if he is in prison, I will celebrate. I would sit there quietly, holding 1 million dollars at him in prison.

Everyone said I was a liar, but I was rich

The daily planet Odaily: so, how are you going to do to achieve this? Because some people say that your competition has already begun to stress, how are you going to respond?

CSW: we are rich. Wu Jihan thought that he can control the work force, and we just some money. We will let the currency exchange transactions bitcoin encryption cannot cash, until Wu Jihan defeated.

Bit, hold 1 million bitcoin cash, we are ready to make them all zero. They have supporters, but we can let them ruin your fingertips. We will prosecute Wu Jihan, basically, Wu Jihan will in the world court received a summons, when he finished all the action, is estimated to have 85 years and completely bankrupt. I will let him go.

Odaily Daily Planet: how do you do?

CSW: everyone said I was a liar, but I want you to see. (he picks up the notebook computer, go to the window, let us see him downstairs three luxury cars, here should be high. Then he put the notebook over, let us see him where he told me it was his home. This is a four layer, more than 6000 square feet of villa. Note: 6000 square feet about 560 square meters)

CSW in the Villa Park in the luxury car

I was a billionaire, I have a lot of money, I don’t need to rely on money. Wu Jihan mining rely on money, he had no other source of income, he needs to sell the machine, he can only do this. I don’t need…… I am very happy to see them until burnt into prison.

Odaily Daily Planet: so you have enough money to destroy a bit, right?

CSW: Yes, I was a billionaire, is Calvin (Calvin is BCH mining pool, founder of Coingeek Calvin Ayre block chain, he is in force war support CSW program).

Basically we don’t need to rely on mining money, don’t care about mine, we have the money to pay, also can survive. Wu Jihan need to dig, but also need to pay for electricity, and then have to spend money on equipment and many other places. We are not only in money, and it continues to run a company. I am very happy to see a bit, bankruptcy. I don’t care is not won, but want to see Wu Jihan completely disappeared, I do not want to see Wu Jihan to reenter the crypto currency industry, I want him to completely leave.

The daily planet Odaily: can I ask you where the money come from?

CSW: bitcoin! I have a lot of bitcoin.

The daily planet Odaily: are you ready to put how much money? Do you have a budget?

CSW: until I win, until they give up. I have enough money to burn, until they had no way to attack us, until all the people have no way to attack us. I don’t care how much money, I will sell everything in time to leave. I don’t care about all this, I can’t stand Wu Jihan, bit, is rubbish. This is my strategy.

The daily planet Odaily: there is no other people support you, such as providing funds, or you only own funds?

CSW: we have support. Dear, I’m not going to go get the money, okay? You can get the support, because you deserve the support.

Odaily Star Daily: what do you want from this battle?

CSW: victory. Finally, the original bitcoin. No other compromise, there will not be any compromise, I do not have to compromise.

No what democracy, we only talk about money

Odaily Star Daily: some people think that between you and Wu Jihan struggle for community disadvantage, how do you see?

CSW: go to his community (Screw the community). I want the money, is a global currency I want (I want money. I want the global money). I want to become a global currency bitcoin. Everyone on the earth can make bitcoin when money is spent. I don’t want any socialists (socialist). We talk about money now, a little boring, a little cold, you may not love it.

The daily planet Odaily: do you think the vast majority of people in the community of bitcoin cash is socialist?

CSW: yes. This is capitalism. I want to compete, to capitalism.

Odaily Star Daily: some people think what you are doing is hurting the community democracy.

CSW: no what democracy, we only talk about money. I just want to become a world currency bitcoin. Your vote is what changed? No, so there is no what democracy at all, or talk about money. Your vote, but finally changed some money.

Odaily Daily Planet: don’t you worry that some developers in the community against you?

CSW: I don’t think. Really developers only focus on how to develop applications for people really useful, the rest are a group of socialists. I don’t want to communicate with them, they will not accept. They should leave the community, don’t come back. If they are backup, never played any bitcoin cash contribution will not place ABC.

Odaily the Daily Planet: if some developers really for social development, so they are very important, you care about these people?

CSW: not for society. No one will do anything for the society, everyone is to do business (for business). If your business has been made, someone will give you money. You do not have to society. All said oneself is to social work, is a liar. We want them to be burned (I want them burned.)

Odaily Daily Planet: so, if some people really want to get a real application in block chain……

CSW: bitcoin can do, you can do anything in bitcoin, and do not need to change bitcoin. I won’t stop anyone to do based on the development of bitcoin, but will stop people change bitcoin. The problem now is that some people want to change the agreement. For example, if you do not have a stable Internet, cannot build a web page.

I won’t buy too, do not need to

The daily planet Odaily: now you specific what to do? Maybe you are at work every day, to try to win this war.

CSW: I’m writing some patents, papers now. (he later told me that he is writing a light purse).

Odaily Star Daily: I heard that you are trying to buy a force from the miners?

CSW: we will pay attention to the different choices, only temporarily have bit of work force, but we do not want them to play this game, we see more long-term.

Odaily: are you ready to buy the daily planet is?

CSW: No, we have enough computing power, do not need to buy another miner. But if the miners have supported us, I think we will not pay for these “mercenaries”.

The daily planet Odaily: so you are not buying too?

CSW: No, we own enough.

Odaily: you are now the daily planet is where you come from?

CSW: all over the world.

Odaily: the daily planet you have mine?

CSW: Yes, we do have.

The daily planet Odaily: can you tell me how much force?

CSW: enough to win the battle.

Odaily Daily Planet: miners and developers, who you care about?

CSW: I’m more concerned about the user, I care about is how to make the world a better currency, we want to let 5 billion people use bitcoin. Just want to make money is unable to achieve this goal, like Wu Jihan.

Odaily Daily Planet: a lot of people think that nChain and BSV developers don’t have much experience in technology development, therefore, you do not have much advantage.

CSW:ABC is a damn joke. We have a better developer. You give me the money I would ask them. However, I will ask them to give me the trash. This difference, I don’t care what they say is the difference. We do not need to recruit people, because we have enough money, developers are also good enough.

I don’t need to convince anyone

Odaily Star Daily: some people say that you are a liar, you are crazy, how do you see?

CSW: I don’t care. Let them down. Wu Jihan is a child, he also needs to learn how to face life.

Odaily: I have seen some of the daily planet attack your article, say you are crazy, you worry about?

CSW: I have to worry about what? I remember when I was young, see Bill Gate to speak at the conference, and he threw a pie. Now, you can say that people do not love Bill Gate?

The daily planet Odaily: do you think users will look at how you lead bitcoin cash?

CSW: I am not what I am in the construction of leadership, one can use the world currency. This is the social media opinion of me, I don’t want people to worship me. We are talking about money, I don’t care if people pay attention to me, even me as a belief. I want people to be able to use a global currency.

Odaily Daily Planet: last year you also support bitcoin cash hard branch?

CSW: I have no.

Odaily: you don’t have a daily planet?

CSW: I hope bitcoin expansion, I want to keep the original bitcoin, “last year I am going to build a pool, then. Unfortunately, Wu Jihan behind everything, he is not worthy of trust. He is a liar. Originally, bitcoin and bitcoin cash will never be apart. It is because he bitcoin cash will fork. Because he is a greedy person.

Odaily: last year, the daily planet bitcoin cash from bitcoin branching off, you don’t support?

CSW: I always support the “original bitcoin, bitcoin cash branching off also upset. When I said bitcoin, feel my heart only one bitcoin, but is now bitcoin cash.

Odaily reported that the Daily Planet: hard you have to support the ABC bifurcation, and later against, this is true? Why?

CSW: they had no native support for bitcoin. We do not support ABC, we only support native bitcoin ideas. We never thought of bitcoin bifurcation, Wu Jihan want bifurcation, we always want to keep a bitcoin. Wu Jihan want to fork, because he wants to trade a lot of encryption currency, he wanted money, want to gamble.

Odaily: the daily planet also said that if you unified the bitcoin cash network, will attack the bitcoin network, is it true?

CSW: Oh, this message has been passed for several years, let them go to a.

Odaily Daily Planet: so you won’t attack bitcoin?

CSW: I don’t need. No what bitcoin can be attacked.

The daily planet Odaily: to win the war, what’s your secret?

CSW: I understand bitcoin deeper than anyone. I think it is low-key. However, I think Wu Jihan needs people to support, he has been very active in social media, he has mine pool. We have our own resources and mining. People do not love me, but I don’t need to convince anyone, nor do we need the media support. We win because we have a lot of investment. Wu Jihan needs the support of the people, but also not what effect.

Odaily also said: the daily planet, you are developing their own machine?

CSW: Yes, we have a new machine.

Odaily: the daily planet is the design of the new machine just for this war?

CSW: No, we design this machine is actually more long-term development needs, but also to replace the bit. Bit, say in an advertisement that their equipment is the best, but in fact has become slow, outdated.

“Anarchism” is not bitcoin itself

Odaily Daily Planet: can one sentence you expect bitcoin cash into what look like?

CSW: “the original bitcoin (The Original Bitcoin), a global currency.

Odaily Daily Planet: since you want to make bitcoin cash into a “native bitcoin”, why don’t you choose BTC, but to choose BCH?

CSW:BTC is not the same. It is now a “Big Coin”, is not used for the transaction (not tradable), can not be legal (illegal), and its transaction cost is too high. I don’t pay attention to how people will call it, it can be seen as a digital signature chain, they removed the digital signature means problems. Bitcoin is the protection of privacy (private), but it does not mean it is anonymous (anonymous). We need to ensure that the encrypted currency transactions to be tracked, and can be used in the real contract. If you want to bitcoin like cash is used, it must follow the current cash market “rules of the game”.

Bitcoin should be in the global scope are legitimate, but now people make bitcoin more “anarchism”, has become illegal, this is not bitcoin itself.

Odaily: the daily planet involves complex legal, or from a technical point of view, you want to plan is? Now your proposal seems to be mainly hope BCH block limit increased to 128M.

CSW: I don’t want to block the ceiling, I just want to maintain the original bitcoin. The original bitcoin is no limit block.

I’m Odaily the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming, exploring the real exchange block chain, broke the news, please add lohiuming, please note Name, unit, position and reason.

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