Expert: bitcoin fell already expected, tens of millions of people from now left millions

A virtual currency bitcoin familiar, because before many people fried bitcoin to earn a lot of money to be known to the public, remember a few hundred dollars a bitcoin was able to sell to the million, in October last year when the bit currency ordered out of the market Chinese, then want to pass through bitcoin money investors began to lose hope, experts had expected: bitcoin fell within.

However, the message bit currency fell during the year has been accompanied, remember a bitcoin mining machine to sell 30 thousand yuan now only sell 1000 yuan, if coupled with some configuration so the price will be around 1500, which fell with bitcoin has a great relationship, such as in many countries do not admit the existence of fictitious money.

Economic experts said virtual currency is easy to cause the monetary unbalanced, it is easy to disrupt the quantity of money and the market, so I don’t get the support of many countries, now part of the field has begun to stop using the machine, the loss of a large area of the field, it shows that many investors do not pay attention to the existence of bitcoin.

Before many people a lot with fried money, when the hands of bitcoin prices have been rising at that time to sell tens of millions, but the months has plummeted from $6400 to $4200 down now, in just a year fell about 32%. The virtual currency market debacle was expected, because the current bitcoin prices are still falling, still can fall to what extent is unknown.

From financial experts also have such a view, bitcoin in the bear market is difficult to make yourself known as a rising stock market, because we know now difficult bitcoin transactions, now offline transactions are gradually reduced, a large number of bitcoins will appear on the market valuation made. When investors see a lot of people will fall away from bitcoin, like today’s prices, will not fall as long as people choose to buy.

Bitcoin now a new round of a lot of people did not run away, still there are many who believe that bitcoin transactions will rise, we see there are a lot of people in the choice of a long-term deal, whether the future of bitcoin will rise, let us wait and see.

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