Experts say block chain technology can change the securities industry

nnnWalking time comment: Block chain technology enthusiasts that the technology can change the securities industry, bring greater transparency and security, to solve a lot of complex problems. Especially in data security, can guarantee the authenticity of the data in the system.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTechnology enthusiasts say block chain technology can dramatically change the securities industry. This technology can not only support digital currency transactions, but also can strengthen the existing securities solutions.n
nEnterprise technology company Synopsys technology strategist Travis Biehn believe that the technology in the securities industry has great potential. Can improve the record of financial transactions, while controlling network communications, networking equipment and supply chain.n
nBrief introduction of the technology of block chainn
nBlock chain technology was originally a tool to speed up digital currency trading, such as currency, currency, currency and other digital currency. The block chain is a decentralized electronic book system. Transaction information is spread on a global computer. Each computer that runs the chain-chain software holds a complete center-centered copy of the book, and does not require a middleman.n
nHow does the chain chain bring benefits to the securities industry?n
nBiehn said block-based, decentralized systems can be used for network security, especially hardware and software supply chain issues. Block-chain technology improves transparency and addresses many complex network security issues.n
nn”If you look at other methods, if you share a single database, or use the traditional first choice protocol, any member can modify the stored data anytime, anywhere.As with identity or supply chain tracking applications, you obviously do not want the data User, or person who fake user to modify data in booklet “.n

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