Explain to the center by Security Token trading treaty rules.


Below the first through to the center. The Security Token trade treaty compliance (ST) enterprise Securitize investment by eight dimensional capital CEO Domingo wrote in his Carlos, for example, describes how the Securitize type (STOs) certificate for securities issuers and investors to provide comprehensive and workable solutions. The DS Protocol (Digital Security Protocol, electronic securities contracts) is how to cooperate with other service providers in the ST industry and adaptation. OpenFinance Network trading platform focused on in this thesis (OFN) and liquidity provider AirSwap is also of dimension 8 capital investment portfolio.

The full text is as follows:

 Explain to the center by Security Token trading treaty rules.

First ever Security Tokens traded with a decentralized compliance protocol

First through to the center. The Security Token trade treaty rules (ST)

Author: Carlos Domingo, CEO of Securitize

Compiler: Wei Ran @ eight dimensional capital

Last month, we and some liquidity provider partners to explore how Security Token (ST) or securities (Digital Securities) digital vision a reality. Our team is cooperating with partners, Securitize DS contract (Digital securities contracts) integrated into their system. The DS contract provides us control mechanisms required in the transaction for the issuer (in regulatory and commercial purposes), this contract will be set by the public chain (Ethernet Square) intelligent automatic execution of the contract, and through the center of the realization of the past.

Securitize services include:

1. (Investor on bording) registered investors. For the investors to register, running KYC/AML system, implementation of certification / qualification, signed subscription documents; funding channels for encryption project investment, to provide a digital wallet registered.

The 2. issue of management (Issuance management). The issuer must be able to complete its compliance issue, issue management from documents, terms, legal texts and agreement to the investors in the exchange and tokens.

3. investors (Issuance management Dashboard) management page. Investors through the management interface, investors can manage their tokens, such as additional licensing wallet, received from the publisher of information, keep track of their spending.

Passes 4. block chain on the issue (Investor Dashboard). The release of token to Ethereum must also be on the regulation of two grade market. The use of digital Securitize protocol (Digital SecuritiesProtocol, DS securities contract) to generate their token, in order to maintain consistency during the issuance and secondary trading.

The integration of 5. mobility partners (Integration of liquidity partners). The DS contract and our RFE (ready to exchange) API provides a method of flow and two level market provider integration, such as Token or similar exchange partners.

 Explain to the center by Security Token trading treaty rules.

Go to the center of compliance is the key

At the beginning of this year, Templum announced they will become the first trading Blockchain Capital in two grade market securitization passes BCAP mechanism. We pass card of BCAP based on knowledge and understanding, we are very aware of this transaction will not be through the block chain to the center of chemical regulatory treaties completed, so the transaction confirmation and the necessary links must be done manually check.

We will show, is the first to confirm in exchange transactions on the Security Token contract. To exchange compliance checks will be completed in block chain, through a series of intelligent contract DS contract with Securitize, will make the whole process automation and inspection is to the center of the. A deal will be in two different markets (marketplace) under – and two markets are adapted to our contract compliance.

Please note that although some exchanges choose to use their own internal development contracts to achieve compliance, but the use of an independent third-party contract compliance advantage is very obvious, the same kind of token can be released through a single contract, but also in a number of exchanges to realize compliance transaction this will greatly enhance the liquidity of the issuer. We believe that, in the capital market, the role of exchange with the so-called intermediary transactions (in this context is the Security design of Token block chain contract, to the center of the transaction intermediary role will become quite distinct from each other). An application on an exchange contract (transaction intermediary) is unlikely to be another exchange with competing products.

Through the OpenFinance online trading

We started from May and Open Finance Network (OFN) and the DS cooperation, contract into their system. Thanks to this integration, we can see a platform to enter the OFN and accept the KYC audit of investors is how to use the DS Token to conduct liquidation registration service now (Registry Service).

A new investor directly from other sellers that buy SPiCE VC Token. OFN platform, the supply and demand sides of the order and by DS Token (transferFrom) model (a standard ERC20 model) to carry out liquidation. Then, DS can not only verify the contract both parties in the registration service (Registry Service, one of the most basic white list), also can ensure that both types and background is in line with the transaction conditions.

 Explain to the center by Security Token trading treaty rules.

Please note that investors create white list in the contract is not enough to run a to the center of the Compliance Agreement; you also need to verify the real-time compliance standards and investors limited. When the transaction after the verification is successful, token will be from one subject to another purse wallet.

Here is the first use of DS transfer contracts through OFN trading platform, in a few weeks ago:

 Explain to the center by Security Token trading treaty rules.

The deal shows 4 SPiCE token is how to be traded. The deal and no other token trade, this is because the transaction is used on the hosting system to support the OFN in US dollars. This transaction in two European investors (one in Spain and one in Germany), therefore, the deal for Reg S and local government regulatory exemption.

Through the AirSwap Trading

We are also working with AirSwap, their bulletin-board service can support DS Token held personal transactions — but was subject to a certain degree of control. The AirSwap working principle and hold ATS (automated trading services) license OFN is different. AirSwap provides a pure P2P transaction mode, no transaction orders, no order, no transaction fee. AirSwap only provides a pure information matching platform, people can find each other here, to reach a consensus and transaction price. However, we still need to ensure that the transaction process is compliance, this is our contract role.

This test is completed in AirSwap Spaces, to ensure investors wallet held by our DS Token SPiCE VC token issued the contract. Because they hold token, so they automatically become DS Token Registry Service (DS Token registration service) one, which means they are registered investors. After that, AirSwap Spaces will provide investors to create a personal chat tool, so that they can arrange a deal. This transaction will be realized in the buy / sell orders order, people can use some DS Token for other Token.

Then, the deal will be performed by AirSwap smart contracts, AirSwap smart contracts to exchange the two direction (DS Token and Token became a part of the counterparty), in a transaction so that the exchange of the two directions will be liquidated. AirSwap (ERC20transferFrom) is also dependent on the model, this is a DS contract control is used to ensure that the transaction mode.

This is the first through the AirSwap DS Token transaction contract:

 Explain to the center by Security Token trading treaty rules.

In this case, we can see how the AirSwap contract in the same transaction with two kinds of value transfer, it succeeded in making 1 SPiCE VC token exchange 0.00875 ($1.77) WETH (Wrapped Ether).

Look forward to more good news

We are very proud to be with OFN and AirSwap cooperation, together to promote the development of Security Token. The deal is still not really landed, but they are realistic and complete imitation of reality. I believe in the near future, these concepts will become a reality. We are also working with other partners, to improve the liquidity of the compliance of electronic security, these partners include Blocktrade, BnkToTheFuture, ERC, Dex, Hyperion, tZero and SharesPost. At the same time, we will as soon as possible on the line more Security Token, SPiCE VC ST issued in addition to outside, and the circulation in all markets.

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