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nnRaiders comment: Although the goal of the ethernet network itself is completed, but a large number of ICO projects through the block chain network. Which in the ICO project tokens and the financing period has been limited, resulting in some people to use their own financial advantages to improve the remuneration of miners handling transactions, unfair competition and the uneven distribution of token, and is not conducive to the realization of ICO goals And the steady development of the whole ecology. For this purpose, ICObazaar integrates all ICO projects onto a platform to facilitate investors to find and participate, while providing the opportunity to invest before the end of the project.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nOver the past few months, the interest in the money market has increased dramatically, that is, ICO or all. However, the best way to conduct ICOs is that the way to the project sponsors and investors is yet to be found.n
nAlthough many methods have been tested, most of the current efforts have caused many problems to each participant, including those who are not involved.n
nConduct ICO goalsn
nIn order to better understand the ICO problem source, we should look at the idea of ​​launching such projects.n
nIn short, most of the public are three:n
nnFirst, raise funds for project development;n
nThe second is to ensure that the token is distributed to more people. This helps to ensure the fairness of token pricing and the decentralization of project ownership and use rights. The number of tokens holders determines the number of potential users, especially if the token is used directly for the project ecology;n
nThird, try to give supporters the best experience, so as to encourage more people to invest, to ensure that more users get tokens.n
nICO problemn
nA user-friendly project will have some problems with these three goals. We break it into several key factors.n
nICO, Ethernet Square and “Competitive Conditions”n
nICO project sponsors usually limit the maximum issuance of tokens for a number of reasons. Mainly hope to determine the initial price of tokens, and will not be more than the amount of financing more than the project development needs.n
nIn addition, a large number of recent projects only accept the investment in Taitong, which means that many transactions only occurred in the ether square network.n
nThe problem comes from the specific situation of the operation of the ether square network, that is, “competitive conditions.” Unfortunately, the deficiencies in the design of the token sales model have created these conditions for many ICO projects (recent examples are Status and Bancor).n
nIn short, the competitive conditions are the combination of high demand and limited supply (tokens sales cap) and time constraints (project duration). These conditions have led many people to buy tokens for fear of missed opportunities.n
nSo they are trading at the same time, and usually within a few seconds after the start of the project.n
nSince the above mentioned, many of the transactions focused on the Ethernet network, the popular chips may lead to serious network overload, resulting in network delays, as well as project-related transactions and the cancellation of all Internet-based network transactions.n
nEther square gasoline, not all transactions are fairn
nThe ethertop block chain requires you to pay a small fee “petrol” every time you “do” on the web, whether it’s a remittance or a smart contract. The petrol that made the transaction happen was the remuneration of the miners who actually processed the deal.n
nThis system is to increase the importance of transaction value, become the focus of the miners work. So the petrol has become a bidding system for a class of things, you can set up in the transaction to set the willing to pay the petrol fee, because you know more petrol as a reward, you can make miners more efficient and do more.n
nIt is important that the ether-based system and the entire network are inherently flawed and that it has completed the original plan.n
nHowever, the ICO project is running more complicated. In line with the above competition conditions, all project investors usually set too high gasoline prices to ensure that their transactions are handled faster, even before the ICO reaches the amount of financing or the deadline.n
nObviously in this case, ICO participants have an unfair advantage because they can afford thousands of dollars in petrol.n
nRestricted petrol is not the answern
nOne way for ICO initiators to solve the unfair distribution of tokens is to set the amount of gasoline invested by each investor in ICO. In theory, this can prevent wealthy investors from paying a lot of petrol and beat other competitors.n
nIn addition to taking other precautions to prevent unfair coin assignments, ICO took the above measures. However, despite the good intentions, but the competitive conditions still exist, the APC network is also overloaded during its projects.n
nStatus eventually had to cancel 111,161 transaction requests, returning 347,154 yen. You can imagine how frustrating and disappointing that the person who wants to participate in the project is canceled.n
nThe network overload to do not participate in ICO, just want to use the ether square network of people to bring problems. Canceled or delayed transactions affected the encrypted currency service, especially the trading services, and some exchanges were forced to suspend all of the Taitung cash withdrawal business during the network overload.n
nWhat can be donen
nSome organizations are looking for better ICO way. ICObazaar, who claims to be involved in the platform, says it can provide a competitive solution.n
nWe understand the user experience of the platform and what measures are taken to ensure the fairness and convenience of the ICO project tokens.n
nReporter: First of all to introduce your platform, what is the platform task?n
nnICObazaar: Our task is very simple, we want to make people more likely to participate in ICO, so we call it “participation platform.” Any investors with encrypted money know that the process is often complicated to be frustrating. We provide people with more user-friendly intuitive options.n
nnOur platform is where you can learn and participate in different stages of the project, rather than search for new ICO information, you can visit our website, you can see all the official information at once, and then participate in the project here. Of course it has always been easier to use the same simple payment interface, rather than adapting to the different interfaces of each ICO.n
nReporter: What kind of competitive conditions do you offer?n
nnICObazaar: Our solution is mainly to completely avoid these situations. One way is to provide greater access to the different stages of financing. That is, our platform not only provides the ongoing ICO, you can also choose to participate in the publication before and has completed the project.n
nnIn other words, you can simply and quietly get tokens, while avoiding competition conditions and ICO common problems, such as uncertainty, waiting, missed. The whole process of our platform is simpler and more stable.n
nReporter: Can you introduce some of the success of the platform?n
nnICObazaar: Of course, those who have been the most noisy, the user experience the most outstanding in our platform users have a very different experience, such as Bancor, Civic, Status, Patientory. Many people who plan to participate did not succeed, for many reasons. However, after the project is completed, the user can easily get the ICO tokens from the platform before the project is distributed on behalf of the token, which completely avoids the noisy and problems during the public sale.n
nnReporter: talk about the overall market bar I heard that only because of speculation and can not operate the computer investment ICO. Do you think there is a bubble?n
nnICObazaar: There is obviously a lot of speculation, not every project should be or can get investment. But frankly that this is not a bubble. Mainly because the digital tokens of the underlying technology to its function is different from the traditional assets, so we can not talk about its value in the same way. In many cases, tokens have special uses and values ​​in the project, such as the ether coin in the ether square. So even if the ICO heat and attention surge, giving a hype of the impression, but will slowly cool, the industry behind the technology is very stable, will not change. Its mode is the same token, after all, ICO is a new financing model, is to the center, can be in the overall incentive and financing, to make it more democratic. In the future we hope that this model continues to improve and stabilize.n
nnReporter: Please make a final forecast, do you think the largest ICO project in 2017 is the amount of financing?n
nnICObazaar: This year we have seen a $ 232 million individual project (Tezos), there is no reason to say that really good projects should not be brought to such a financing scale. This is a good time for emerging markets, record constantly refresh and break. Importantly, these super-successful projects have attracted more and more people outside the field of encrypted money, which is a good sign. More people began to suspend the possibility of this new financing model, the emergence of new services (such as our platform), can make it easier for people to support new projects or launch ICO, so that their ideas can be achieved.n

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