Facebook does not allow encrypted currency ads

nStorming comment: Facebook has been dissatisfied with the ad for encrypting money, because some fraudulent items may mislead its users. Finally, the website officially promulgated a new regulation on January 30, prohibiting advertisements promoting products such as binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The move was welcomed by Facebook users and bitcoin enthusiasts, who also saw the ads as having had less of a role in contributing to the development of cryptocurrencies.n
nTranslation: Inan
Facebook may be the worst of many websites that can learn about cryptocurrencies. Its users tend to be more simple and liar than those who often use other social networks. Celebrities such as James Altucher have become nasty faces for Facebook users, and their quick cash-rich plan further reveals the bad side of Bitcoin.n
Facebook Product Management Director Rob Leathern wrote in a post on Tuesday:n
n”We want people to constantly discover and learn about new products and services through Facebook ads, without fear of being involved in fraud, which means there are many companies that are promoting binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrencies, which currently lack good faith operations “n
nHe added:n
n”Our work is designed to detect deceptive and misleading advertising more effectively and to strengthen the management of our platform, including Facebook, Audience Network and Instagram.”n
nBanning encrypted currency ads will benefit the cryptocurrency community. Prior to the scam like Bitconnect and Arisebank was advertised on Facebook, if it was on Twitter, it could be detected by the users of its poison tongue. However, according to Facebook’s new policy, such as “the latest ICO! Buy token 15% discount!” Such ads will be banned.n
Facebook’s policy on advertising has always been complicated. For example, it does not allow many healthy food and nutrition advertisements to appear, nor does it seem to allow ads to show the male body. Currently, ICO and cryptocurrency projects are also listed as prohibited items. There is an idea that a good ICO project does not want to be advertised through paid advertising in the first place, and in particular the displayed ads. If a product is truly innovative and worth investing in, then there are many ways to create heat and create an active community without relying on Facebook.n

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