Facebook has the opportunity to become a financial giant?

Editor’s note: This article from the blue fox notes (ID:lanhubiji), authorized reprint by Odaily daily planet.

 Facebook has the opportunity to become a financial giant?

(the apples in the basket, Van Gogh)

Facebook stable currency still do not know what mechanism, if early anchor or gold, and then gradually decoupled, it will become digital central banks? In the short or medium term, perhaps the opportunities are tremendous, but in the long run, it does not get rid of the Facebook body, cannot release their true potential.

What is the most likely path? Facebook pre anchor, launched a stable coins, India, Philippines and other countries to help ordinary people to achieve cross-border remittance, low cost and fast, with the combination of social network; at the same time, the Facebook business ecosystem payment from $payment to Facebook stable currency payment, such as charge advertisers pay with Facebook stable currency, game Facebook stable currency, even the wages of the employees also pay with a stable currency, and gradually form a small ecosystem.

Once inside the small ecological, it should be true to the center, with the Facebook gradually decoupled with the dollar peg by gradually to the center of the mortgage model or algorithm model and so on, until you find the anchor can make everyone convinced.

Once Facebook realized stable currency value, valuation unit and storage medium of exchange position, it will gradually penetrate into the world currency, the central bank has gradually become a number of Internet, has become one of the largest financial institutions in history.

But the contradiction here is whether as the center of the mechanism Facebook can do self innovation, looks very simple logic, but it is facing enormous difficulties, self subversion case is extremely rare, it is more likely that the block chain in primary project more opportunities. In addition, how to find it with dollars or other currency decoupling mode? If the future cannot be decoupled, its potential and scale is limited after all.

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