Facebook integration makes sending bitcoin wallet as simple as texting

Facebook integration makes sending bitcoin wallet as simple as texting

San Francisco-based Starting the QuickCoin program, designed to allow ordinary people through the “social ‘purse’ using bitcoin based, it will make people through very simple interface to send and receive bitcoin.

Initially, the company hopes his products and Facebook cooperation, hope that through social networks influence Facebook, bitcoin get viral promotion. But the company also has plans for further cooperation partners in the future.

The company co-founder Marshall Hayner said, QuickCoin’s goal is to provide the use of bitcoin friendly and simple user experience for. Hayner said, if ordinary people use bitcoin, they may not need to know that they are using a bitcoin, or not to make them aware of their use is a complex process.

Keep it simple.

QuickCoin on a mobile device user interface is very simple, only four functions, ‘send bitcoin’, ‘receiving bitcoin’, ‘cancellation (login) “and” terminate the account “.

It shows that the use of ‘bits’ shows bitcoin unit, which makes users do not think bitcoin price is too high, inexperienced users will be more easy to accept.

Hayner said he often heard someone say, “I can not use bitcoin, too expensive”, but the fact is bitcoin can be divided into very small units.

比特币最小的单位是0.00000001BTC(小数点后有八位),被称一聪。 But it is more suitable for the unit is 0.000001BTC (decimal 6), known as a bit. Today’s price is 58 cents is 1bit=$0.000581000bit.

Working principle

Facebook users must login to use social wallet service. This wallet application will create a list to show the use of bitcoin people in your circle of friends, these friends and even if you do not log in you can also send them bitcoin.

The user wants to make bitcoin wallet QuickCoin, you can click “accept bitcoin” button, and then scan with bitcoin private key QR code. Users can also use the “send bitcoin” button to make money through his wallet purse.

When Facebokk received bitcoin account, will be in the account according to the time line display, the user can know they received bitcoin.

The following pictures can see the details of the QuickCoin image.

Starting from Facebook

Hayner told CoinDesk that Facebook as a social center, seems to be the best starting point to create a bitcoin company. Especially in March, Facebook has about 1 billion 280 million users.

However, Hayner also claimed that he and other company co-founder William Cotton, and Nathan Lands (who organized the February bitcoin market in San Francisco) is planning to launch other services. He said, QuickCoin is the first product of their. And that Facebook is just a starting point, they will be launched in the next few months is wrong for amazing features and the admission of a new partner.

Because bitcoin is still a new technology, in order to let as many people as possible to accept bitcoin, this industry also need to continue to progress.

This is why the founders of QuickCoin will make it so simple, they believe that any technology will be necessary in the case to show customers.

Hayner said, not all of them before using bitcoin, have time to do extensive research on it. In fact, browsing the Internet people at present, the vast majority of it is not clear how DNS works, the same bitcoin can do.

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