Farmer cooperatives use block chains to track meat products on the supply chain

nnIn the Arkansas, a farmer organization called “grassroots farmers’ cooperatives” is now using block chains to track meat products, providing consumers with real and comprehensive information about their products, hoping to meet consumer demand, So that it has more confidence in food. On the current situation, the block chain in the industry to promote more promising.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nGrass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, supported by the US International Heifer International, is composed of some livestock farmers in Arkansas and is now using block-chain technology to track meat products in the supply chain , So as to provide consumers with information about their food sources.n
nShoppers and diners will be able to scan the two-dimensional code on the “grassroots” meat product to see how the source and how the livestock are kept. The “digital history” of meat products will also include all the staff involved in the production of the product (from the farmer to the butcher).n
nMeet consumer demandn
n”Americans are increasingly interested in learning more about their food. According to the 2016 Label Insight Study, 83% of consumers want to think about their own food,” said Cody Hopkins, lead and founding member of Grassroots. See more about the food composition of the information, I fully believe that the survey results.n
n”Grassroots” wrote on its Web site, consumers feel the product label unprecedented angry. The label insight study found that 75% of respondents did not believe that food labeling information was accurate.n
nProvenance is a UK technology company that offers food chain chains that have developed a platform that enables small farmers to provide consumers with food directly.n
nFood labels make consumers confusedn
n”Grassroots” points out on its website that food labels make consumers confused because producers need to comply with the regulation of the US Department of Agriculture is not clear. While USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project and Animal Welfare Approved will certify certain standards, none of the certification bodies will be able to meet the needs of each consumer.n
n”Grassroots” provides information about their farms, livestock and processors, making it easier for consumers to determine whether the product meets their needs.n
nThe “grassroots” website allows consumers to create grassroots “meat product purchase boxes” by choosing their favorite non-genetically modified, non-antibiotic and non-growing hormone meat. The cooperatives will then automatically deliver the products in their purchase boxes to consumers every 30 days.n
nSubscribers are free to edit their orders on the site.n
nConsumers can order onlinen
nIn addition to ordering services, the “grassroots” also provides a one-time purchase package. These meat products can also be purchased on Conway Locally Grown and Arkansas Local Food Network, two online farmers markets.n
nThe co-op also lists the restaurants that use their meat products on the website.n
nPierre Ferrari, chairman of the advisory committee of the International Heifer Organization, said:n
nn”Our farmers are innovative and have been looking for ways to use technology to create real value for consumers, and their collaboration with Provenance and Golden Gate Meat Company shows that they are very active in making consumers aware of food sources. ‘Best practice’ is just a matter of time. “n
nnSan Francisco’s Golden Gate Meat Company is the “grassroots” of the main customers, the company plans to start trial on August 2 the technology, to provide customers with the opportunity to use these tools in the store.n

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