FBI submitted 2018 budget, plans to investigate the illegal use of digital money

nnnThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently submitted a 2018 annual budget request stating that the government is willing to give financial and human support to better access to digital information, investigate criminal offenses related to digital money, and strengthen public safety And the rule of law.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe FBI asked the government to allocate $ 21 million in funds and 80 new employees to study the emerging technology of digital money, which would help the agency to combat cybercrime.n
nIn a 2018 annual budget request filed on 21 June, FBM Acting Director Andrew McCabe presented to the White House that the agency faced significant challenges in acquiring digital information even if it had the legal authority to collect information. It is particularly difficult to obtain information when it comes to cases involving “drug dealers using virtual currency cover trade”.n
nJames Comey, FBI’s acting director, also raised the same question last month in the Senate Judiciary Committee.n
nThe challenge described by the agency is that the FBI now needs more financial resources to research the technology and decrypt the information transmitted on the dark network. In addition, it would like to communicate with the companies that provided the technology, telling them that they could not obtain the “devastating impact” of information on “public safety and the rule of law.”n
nEarlier this year, privacy-encrypted digital currency (XMR) and so on for this reason caused the FBI’s attention.n
nIn an event at FBI’s New York City network department, the FBI was concerned that the technology would hinder the criminal investigation.n
n”The process of developing alternative technology is often time consuming, expensive and unstable,” the agency said.n

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