FedEx implements blockchain logistics plan

nRunaway Comment: FedEx, a key member of the Blockchain Transportation Alliance (BiTA), has begun phasing out blockchain related pilot projects. The company evaluates the technology so highly that it can use it to streamline its business processes and provide better service to its customers. At the same time, Federal Express, as a giant in the logistics and transportation industry, has also actively undertaken the task of developing standards for the application of blockchain in this industry.n
nTranslation: Inan
International freight giant Federal Express (FedEx) has joined the blockchain transport alliance (BiTA), will be based on the blockchain platform into its daily operations.n
According to Freightwave, a shipping news agency, FedEx has started to develop an industry standard for blockchain usage as part of BiTA. As a founding member of the organization, the company has begun testing some blockchain platforms.n
FedEx is also a member of BiTA’s Standards Committee, according to Dale Chrystie, vice president of strategic planning and analytics, the company is already conducting a pilot project using blockchain to store data for dispute resolution. The project hopes to identify what data this permanent account needs to better resolve disputes between its clients.n
FedEx also hopes to use the blockchain to store its records. Chrystie said:n
n”Our system generates millions of records every day and we think blockchain is a secure escrow chain that can change the logistics industry.We believe it can achieve many visions in this area and simplify in a very safe manner All data exchange. “n
nSimilarly, Kevin Humphries, FedEx’s senior vice president of IT, told Freightwave that the blockchain platform will allow its customers to track their luggage more efficiently and that they are tracking more than just FedEx’s shipping process, but also the baggage they receive from the company Before and after treatment.n
Although FedEx currently only discloses a few potential use cases, Humphries said he believes the blockchain will have many use cases.n

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