Fidelity Group joins Bitcoat tracking services for traditional investors

nnnFidelity Labs (Fidelity Labs) recently announced a formal and coin currency start-up company Coinbase to cooperate to provide users with tracking Bitcoin and encrypted currency investment services. At present, driven by the rapid growth of value in emerging asset classes, the major traditional financial services companies are also taking various initiatives to participate in the encrypted monetary ecosystem. In a sense, Fidelity launched the service is still more competitive advantage.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nFidelity Investors can now track their currency and encrypted currency investments while tracking more traditional assets.n
nFidelity Labs, the company’s R u0026 D and innovation division, today announced that it has partnered with Colebase, a coin currency maker to achieve these capabilities. However, Fidelity customers must have a Coinbase account to use this service, and the service will be officially launched for users tomorrow.n
nThe move will effectively identify the group’s chief executive, Abby Johnson, for the first time in Coindesk’s 2017 Consensus Conference (Consensus 2017).n
nTo this end, Fidelity senior vice president and executive director Hadley Stern according to Johnson in the speech made by the contents of the work, and that this is the company’s curiosity of new technology.n
nStern said to CoinDesk:n
nn”Our restaurant has already been paid for Bitcoin and we have also accepted the use of Bitcoin to donate to their Fidelity Charitable Donation Fund (FCDA). This partnership with Coinbase is another milestone on the way we develop Bitcoin “n
nnHe continued: “Every time we try, we are all learning.”n
nBe cautiousn
nThe announcement is that large-scale traditional financial services companies are beginning to take small-scale action to participate in encrypted monetary ecosystems, which are also driven by the rapid growth of value from emerging asset classes.n
nFor example, last month, American Express collaborated with Abra, a start-up maker, for the first time to allow cardholders to buy Bitcoin on their point-to-point payments.n
nIn a sense, Fidelity offers new services that allow investment clients to view their own complete portfolio of assets (including encrypted currency) on a single platform, thereby increasing their own bets. However, at this point, this feature is a read-only function – which means that customers can not perform transactions on the Fidelity platform.n
nHowever, this can still be seen as the first step in the company’s expansion of services.n
nHadley also hinted at this possible explanation, but he did not say it, but thought that the statement was part of Fidelity’s “ongoing commitment” to use new technology to develop products and services.n

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