Financial “afternoon tea” bitcoin high drop 80% that in currency speculation is currency speculation

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The first annual report released in 2017, the pension investment earned 8 billion 783 million yuan

The National Council for Social Security Fund released annual report shows that in 2017, the basic pension insurance fund investment income 8 billion 783 million yuan, the investment rate of return is 5.23%. Detailed.

NDRC: to further expand foreign banks overseas financing debt scale

Development and Reform Commission issued on the foreign bank within the territory of the year 2019 (April 2019 – March 2020) in the long term debt reporting work related matters notice, put forward according to the needs of the economic and financial situation, to further expand the scale of foreign banks overseas debt financing. Detailed.

Ecological environment department: accelerate the Provisional Regulations on carbon emissions trading management to promote the introduction of

The ecological environment of climate Secretary Li Gao at the State Council Information Office briefing, will speed up the Provisional Regulations on carbon emissions trading management to promote the introduction of relevant supporting system in the drafting process. Detailed.

The central bank for 22 consecutive days of operation, continued brush window period long high

The central bank announced on 26 May, today does not carry out reverse repurchase operations. As of 26, the central bank has 22 consecutive trading days without reverse repurchase operation, continued brush window period long high. Detailed.

Capital retreat! Since the removal of the European referendum UK equity fund net outflows over a trillion dollars

Since the British referendum held in 2016 from Europe, investors have focused from the British out of stock funds of more than $1 trillion, more and more people concern and the destructive effect of Europe brought to British business circles. Detailed.

Shanghai refers to the shrinkage shock, Fujian FTA stocks eye-catching performance

On Monday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities after a narrow concussion, intraday financial, real estate and other weight plate has force to support the market, Shanghai refers to disc slightly Chonggao, but because the overall market sentiment cautious, then index to fall. Detailed.

In return for 7 consecutive days limit shares A shares to refresh the lowest price record

Today, Philip shares opening limit, offer 0.36 yuan, this is the unit for 7 days into the delisting finishing period limit, set by the country’s new health A shares the lowest price record set in 1996. Detailed.

Bitcoin high fell 80% that in currency speculation is currency speculation

In November 25th, bitcoin prices ushered in a slump, fell below $4000 mark. In the past seven days, has bitcoin prices fell more than $1700, down more than 30%, from the last 12 months of $20 thousand record highs, has fallen by more than 80%. Detailed.

Ofo net loan platform “Hunong users 99 yuan deposit withdrawals 97 yuan

Ofo users have complained that the 99 yuan deposit being warned to apply for a refund shall be agreed to become the PPmoney net loan platform users. That is a deposit of 99 yuan ofo to 100 yuan PPmoney specific assets, and will get the historical annualized rate of interest 8%+8%, locked for a period of 30 days after the expiration of the lock to the exit and get the principal and interest. Detailed.

Nissan, former chairman Ghosn denied the alleged false records of remuneration of directors

Learned from relevant sources, on suspicion of Securities report, write less director compensation in violation of the “financial commodity trading law” by the arrest of Nissan, former chairman Carlos Genn, in Tokyo to survey inspection in tokusou Ministry denied suspected. Detailed.

[] seasonal fruits and vegetables salad

A shares: Stock index closed at 2575.81 points, down 0.14%, turnover of 108 billion 200 million. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 7615.91 points, down 0.27%, turnover of 146 billion 800 million. Gem index closed at 1304.56 points, down 0.32%, turnover of 43 billion 880 million.

Hong Kong stocks: Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index closed up 1.73% at 26376.18 points.

The Taiwan stock market: Taiwan weighted index closed up 1.01%, 9765.36 point.

Japan’s stock market: The Nikkei index closed up 225 0.76%, at 21812.00 point.

European stocks: STOXX Europe 600 index opened 0.7%. The FTSE 100 index opened 0.9%. French CAC 40 index opened 0.8%. Spain’s IBEX index opened 0.9%. The German DAX index opened 1.1%. Italy FTSE MIB index opened 1.72%.

Domestic commodity futures: Zheng Chun, silicon manganese, iron ore, crude oil futures closed limit. Ferrosilicon, coke, wire fell more than 5%, rapeseed meal, hot rolled, coking coal fell more than 4%, the thread pitch, fell more than 3%, Zheng coal, soybean meal, PTA, Shanghai zinc fell more than 2%, Shanghai lead, glass, egg, apple, Shanghai, Zheng cotton, plastic fell more than 1%, Shanghai silver, copper and sugar Shanghai, Shanghai aluminum, gold fell. Rubber closed up more than 2%, PVC, cotton rose more than 1%, Shanghai nickel and corn rose.

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