Financial planner: Do not put Bitcoin into a retirement portfolio

nnnWrong comment: Encrypting money investment hot, but financial planners warning investors to guard against risks. Those who do not have the ability to invest are better not to participate because of their uncertainty. And the lack of regulatory intervention in the field, so the size of the market will not have much development.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nUndeniably, Bitcoin investment has become a trend for smart investors looking for gold goose, but financial planners are opposed to planning as a retirement portfolio.n
nNicholas Chu, Managing Director of Max Growth Wealth Education Sdn Bhd, said that we should not know the value of Bitcoin as part of a retired portfolio.n
nn”It is not asset-backed, very insecure, it is basically involved in the future changes.” It’s not a suitable financial planning method. It’s just an experiment that you want to participate in this era, but it’s not a suitable investment product. “n
nnn”If they take it as a financial plan, I certainly do not agree with I. But as people who can try new venture capital, as long as they have extra money they can participate in. Without affecting their existing financial planning, I will follow them We need to tell them the pros and cons of this investment. The final decision is made by the customer.n
nnChu warns of market forces to drive the uncertainty of bitcoal trading.n
nn”It is beyond the control of anyone, and all the participants contribute to the value of Bitcoin, so I can say that there is a lot of future uncertainty.”n
nnHowever, with the establishment of some special currency exchanges, Chu said that there are supply and demand in the marketable market.n
nBitcoin is the best performing currency in 2015 and 2016, or 35.8% and 126.2% respectively.n
nSo far this year, the price of Bitcoin has more than tripled. At 5 pm on Friday, Bitcoin prices reached $ 2,840 (RMB12,140).n
nBitcoin is currently the most popular encrypted currency, basically completely in the digital field, without any asset support. Although anyone with a “mining application” on a computer can do bitter mining, it requires a lot of computing power to solve complex algorithms and verify it through the entire bitcover network.n
nbitcoinmalaysia founder founder Colbert Low said that the recent rise in Bitcoin prices was partly due to the legalization of the royalties implemented by the Japanese government.n
nHe is not sure whether the rapid rise in bitcoin prices will bring about a price bubble, but stressed that it can not be based on “traditional theory” to judge its price changes.n
nn”This is based on different models of the new economy. More and more retail outlets accept Bitcoin payments.n
nnHe predicts that the use of Bitcoin will increase, especially in the different types of payment.n
nHowever, Low believes that if the regulators do not regulate Bitcoin, the local market will not have any “big activity”.n
nn”Our new national bank (Bank Negara) is the thought of avant-garde people, very concerned about financial technology, technology and innovation, so there will be progress.”n
nnThe positive development of the block chain will be a catalyst for the growth of Bitcoin.n
nn”Block chains are real and will change the way IP systems are built, and we need to dig deeper into how block chains change existing problems and solve them.”n
nnn”There are a lot of projects, more than 500 companies are concerned about the chain chain, even including IBM, HP and Microsoft.”n
nnBlock chain is a distributed database, save the ever-increasing record, that is, the block, will not be tampered with. Bitcoin is an application or software that runs in block-chain technology.n
nn”If you look at the block chain technology, you will find government agencies such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which is the best way to protect your data, , The use of Bitcoin will help reduce operating costs.n
nnThere are currently 16 million special currency on the market, the upper limit is 21 million.n
nBank Negara has said it will not regulate the encrypted currency and advised the public to be wary of the risk of such a digital currency.n

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