Financial Post: Liu Qiang easterly wave after the sound for the first time, bitcoin plummeted 14% $4700……

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2018.11.20 Thursday

# global financial events #

1, the stock indexes fell Dow collective fell nearly 400, FAANG staff into a bear market

The S & P 500 index fell 45.54 points, or 1.66%, at 2690.73 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 395.78 points, or 1.56%, at 25017.44 points. The Nasdaq composite index fell 219.40 points, or 3.03%, at 7028.48 points. FAANG five technology giants collective slump. Facebook, Netflix, Amazon fell over 5%, apple and Google parent company Alphabet fell nearly 4%. Apple is closing a record high of 232.65 U.S. dollars fell over 20%, closing into technical bear market. Popular shares on Monday fell collective, B fell over 10%.

2, the Jingdong fell more than 8% Liu Qiang failed to boost the price of the first sound of easterly wave

Jingdong, U.S. stocks closed more than two-year low. Before the Jingdong announced, for the first time less than 30% three quarter revenue growth in 9 quarters, the number of active users for the first time since the market fell. In the case of Liu Qiangdong, since, as of Monday, the Jingdong’s share price fell over 30% this year, down more than 50%. The conference call, Liu Qiangdong said in an interview: now the Jingdong’s management team has been stable and molding, the main focus of individuals on the new business, facing four things: strategy, culture, and new business team. Liu Qiangdong did not mention the incident in Minnesota on the phone, the Jingdong executives said the incident did not affect the operation of Jingdong.

3, bitcoin fell 14% intraday even breaking six mark the lowest hit $4694

In the past twenty-four hours, the entire digital encryption currency market together suffer, bitcoin, bitcoin cash (BCH), Stellar and Ethernet coins, Wright currency fell again. Monday afternoon Beijing time, Bitstamp display, bitcoin prices fell below $5200 mark, a record low of October 2017, down nearly 7% days. U.S. stocks Monday hours midday, the same platform data show that bitcoin fell below the $5000 mark, for the first time since October 2017, as of 6, the lowest reported $4694. Analysts said, this is just the beginning, bitcoin prices even fell to $1500, technical analysts said bitcoin 3 from the daily chart, the 50 day moving average is about to wear to the 200 day moving average below, to confirm the Sicha, this strong bearish signal in December 2014 to the first.

# macro industry #

1, the State Administration of Taxation strokes came! The introduction of the “26” is a private tax cuts down the negative for dry cargo.

In order to effectively perform their functions, tax service and support the development of the private economy recently, the State Administration of Taxation on the basis of in-depth research and listen to the views of all parties, issued the “notice” on the implementation of further support the development of private economy and service measures, to meet the development of the private economy in the tax “blocking” “difficulties.” the problem, put forward the “implement and improve policies seriously, promote the 5 aspects of private enterprise tax cuts down the negative and a total of 26 specific measures, accurate help private enterprises to achieve better and faster development. It is reported that the combination of tax administration reform, the national tax system carried out investigation visits, “face to face” to understand the needs of the enterprise, “one to one” to carry out the tax publicity point to solve business problems, get praise enterprise.

2, silver CIRC: support the development of private economy this week will be submitted to the State Council

Silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhou Liang said at the ninth session of the new financial summit, silver CIRC is developing to support the development of private economy, this week will be submitted to the CPC Central Committee and the state council. Silver CIRC resolutely implement the equal treatment of state-owned economy and private enterprises, to medium and small enterprises are equal, and require banks to take effective measures to solve the problem of insurance institutions and private enterprises Small and micro businesses financing difficulties, financing expensive, to do more timely assistance “matter of temporary difficulties but the normal operation of the enterprise should not blindly off the loan, loan. Silver CIRC adhere to prevent risks and promote the development of grasping with both hands, actively and steadily push forward structural deleveraging, orderly dismantling of shadow banking, remediation market chaos, while the impact of coping with the international financial market volatility, reasonable guide market expectations, firmly hold does not occur systemic financial risk to the bottom line.

3, a nine price system in Shenzhen tumbled to the cervical cancer vaccine modified Yaohao grab No.

Previously, nine valent HPV vaccine has not approved the listing in the mainland, many women went to Hongkong area of inoculation, 3 needle costs nearly million. This year, 4 months, nine valent HPV vaccine approved in the mainland market. 8 month 16 days, the mainland first-tier cities first dose of nine valent HPV vaccine inoculation in Shenzhen adult vaccination clinic Hospital of Luohu, the entire 3 needle is only 3969 yuan. But due to the excessive number of appointments, Shenzhen CDC booking platform will open every collapse crowded. Recently, WeChat said the official announcement of Shenzhen CDC, nine valent HPV vaccine will be “grab the appointment” to “Yaohao booking”, and that many people spend a lot of time keeping are not grab, Yaohao fair, avoid ‘cattle’ risk.

4, the implementation of the new energy enterprise quotas next year is expected to price negotiations with the power supply company

In November 15th, the General Department of the National Energy Bureau issued for the “notice” on the implementation of renewable energy quota system opinion letter, for renewable energy quotas issued, some analysts have pointed out that the early development of renewable energy power has some disorder, excess imbalance, resulting in subsidies, resources and investment the inefficient use of quotas should be launched, so the increase in the macro-control mechanism based on market competition, to plan reasonable guide the development of renewable energy power. A photovoltaic enterprise said that the implementation of this policy, on the one hand can ease the consumptive problem of photovoltaic power generation, can even bargain with the power company, improve photovoltaic power purchase price; on the other hand, stimulate investment since the self built with enthusiasm of PV installed large amounts of power.

5, five ministries issued a document to encourage insurance companies to participate in the market of foreign debt

To effectively mobilize all kinds of social capital to participate in the market to promote market debt, debt amount and quality and expand, in November 19th, the national development and Reform Commission, the central bank, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Commission and other five ministries jointly issued the “notice” to encourage the relevant agencies involved in the market debt, encourage insurance companies, private equity funds, foreign institutions according to the law to participate in market legalization of debt. “Notice” clearly, allow qualified insurance group (holding) companies, insurance companies, insurance asset management institutions set up specialized agencies engaged in the implementation of the market debt, allowing insurance institutions to set up a private equity investment fund market debt. Allow private equity fund managers independently or jointly with others to carry out market debt, fund raising and use shall comply with the relevant regulatory requirements. Support the establishment of private equity investment fund in foreign capital market debt business, according to the law to allow foreign investment in shares of financial Property Investment Companies, Asset Management Co to carry out financial market debt.

6, the SASAC has: 28 central enterprises have been included in the three batch of state-owned enterprise reform mixed pilot

Weng Jieming, former deputy director of SASAC pointed out that since 2016, countries in the important industries of petroleum and natural gas, electric power, railway, civil aviation, telecommunications, military and other fields, has selected the three batch of 50 state-owned enterprises to carry out mixed reform pilot, the central enterprises 28. In August 2016, the mixed ownership ESOP pilot was officially launched, currently there are nearly 200 enterprises to carry out the pilot. Overall, the progress of reform, to achieve the desired effect.

7, the courier company data in October Qi sto rhyme business volume growth of more than 40%

The evening of November 19th, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, SF 4 courier companies released the main business data in October. Among them, Shen Tong, rhyme two complete business volume growth of more than 40%, at the leading level in the 4 companies. Rhyme and tact express enterprise products two single ticket revenue fell. Overall, the disclosure of business data several companies have achieved more than two digit growth in 10 months, business volume also achieved growth. SF express holdings is still the industry leader, in four the company’s revenue is highest, the Shentong express services revenue reached 1 billion 658 million yuan in October, an increase of 47.09%. Up to 511 million tickets in business volume, an increase of 44.6%.

8, the Hongkong property market downward pressure: purchases to tender to buy a house after the first live pay

The new housing market prospect of Jones Lang LaSalle pointed out that the Hongkong residential market is entering a period of adjustment, is expected before the end of the 2019 residential average price fell by 15%. In addition, the mansion, the peak loss sale Wenhui Road plots unsold, Hongkong property agency bearish news frequently hit the newspapers, let the market is expected to decline further. The market pessimism is obvious, even the owners direct price 200 million housing units also No one shows any interest in. The market downturn, developers are also various tricks, such as the use of all units in the tender, It is often seen. free of pressure altimeter into a number of mortgage and other ways to sell the building, and even a “after the first live pay.”.

9, the high coal price fluctuation of five big power group thermal power sector losses this year will reach 14 billion yuan

The last round of rising coal prices in period from 2008 to 2011, during the five power group the thermal power sector even the loss of four years, the cumulative losses of up to 92 billion 100 million yuan. It is understood that the high coal price around two and a half years, the coal industry currently loss of nearly half, among them, five power group 2017 thermal power sector losses of 13 billion 200 million yuan, is expected in 2018 annual thermal power sector losses at around 14 billion yuan, the loss will be more than 50%.

10, Beijing will be on the personal credit scoring: covering the entire resident population lifelong relationship

11 on the morning of 19, “Beijing city to further optimize the business environment action plan (2018 – 2020)” (hereinafter referred to as the “action plan”), includes 22 main tasks, and divided into 298 task list, to ensure that the business environment further improve. “Action plan” clear, complete the legislative work of Beijing city social credit regulations before the end of 2020, and completed the “Beijing personal integrity” project covering the entire resident population. This also means that Beijing will really open the evaluation of personal credit, personal credit points will be a life-long relationship.

11, 5G commercial Countdown: 2020 Beijing key areas will achieve 5G coverage

11 19 April, Beijing city to further optimize the business environment action plan “held in Beijing city (2018 -2020)” press conference. Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Director Tan Xuxiang said, 2020 fixed broadband network with Gigabit access capability, key areas to achieve 5G coverage, broadband tariff reduction each year 10%. In addition, “to promote a new generation of information infrastructure help three-year action plan to improve the city level and the core competitiveness of Shanghai city (2018-2020)” also pointed out that the proposed to the end of 2020, to complete the “dual Gigabit Broadband City construction, mobile communication network and fixed broadband network coverage to achieve both the Gigabit, 5G pioneered the commercial, IPv6, intelligent network transformation and new industry of Internet scale deployment.

12, mobile phone traffic will step in 7 provinces and cities have the price of China Mobile intends to test the water”

China Mobile will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi first pilot launched mobile phone tariff ladder packages, packages to the domestic mobile phone Internet to take charge at. It is reported that Shanghai’s new package monthly fee is 18 yuan, including 80 minutes calling a few minutes, the caller, China called for free. Take the price packages to the domestic mobile phone Internet mode according to user fees, monthly flow of domestic consumption is divided into 4 sections, the lowest price to 0.005 yuan /MB, which is equivalent to 5 yuan /GB. Telecom industry analyst Ma Jihua said, from the Shanghai mobile new package 18 yuan, ladder pricing, means the use of user traffic, will be adopted such water, electricity, and even how much users, mobile phone traffic charges is different the price is more cheaper.

13, swine fever yiboweiping another country * prices continue to decline

Over the weekend, producing pig prices steady with drop, minority area is larger, the national average price continues to fall down. At present, due to the outbreak of the scope of the expansion of the momentum, the country is expected in the short term zhuochuang transporting pigs. Hopeless, the contradiction will still exist, this week, hog prices or continue a slow down trend, the national average price dropped to 13 yuan / kg or.

14, iResearch: 2020 China maternal and child consumption market is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan

IResearch released the “2018 Chinese Internet industry research report called” maternal child, growing scale Chinese maternal child market, 2020 will reach 3 trillion yuan. IResearch said, due to the factors of life stress, living space limitations, release the two child policy, impact on first-tier cities will be weak in the two or three line of the city.

15, Harbin natural gas first increase to 2.96 yuan /m3 two or three or greater

Harbin city residents will be held to straighten out the pipeline gas sales price hearing, according to the actual Harbin, straighten out the city residents of pipeline gas sales price implementation plan. The first tranche of the gas price from 2.80 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 2.96 yuan; the second tranche of gas price from 3.36 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 3.55 yuan, third gas price from 4.20 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 4.44 yuan; the “independent gas heating residential users, non residents gas prices the residents of the user’s gas price standard” by 3.08 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 3.26 yuan.

# # Securities Fund

1 50ETF, the rapid development of 100, Shanghai and Shenzhen Shenzhen option 300ETF options and stock index options is expected to break the ice

The Shanghai stock exchange data show that the SSE ETF option and 10 month turnover positions hit a new high since listing. 10 month option market cumulative volume of 3959.51 million, an increase of 33.62%; the average daily turnover of 219.97 million, an increase of 41.03%; the average daily turnover of the nominal value of 555.60 billion yuan, compared with the previous month average daily growth of 40.36%; the premium turnover of 12.32 billion yuan, compared with the previous month increase of 50.80%. 2018 in A stock market downturn, as currently the only option variety – Shanghai 50ETF options market is developing rapidly. Just past 10 months, the SSE 50ETF option transactions and positions to a new high. The industry is expected, a number of new varieties of financial options include deep 100ETF options and 300ETF options, Shanghai and Shenzhen are actively preparing for, is expected soon to break the ice.

2, the new board IPO “repeat” expansion of many companies to restart the listing process

Last week, the elixir of science and technology, good brothers, easou technology, landscape architecture, Haofang electromechanical 5 three new board company has started accepting IPO counseling, which is recently three new board company to join IPO counseling more intensive one week. The elixir of technology began listed counseling news is particularly striking. In November 12th, Dan technology announcement, has completed the listing counseling in Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau registration, the counseling period since the beginning of November 9th, this is Dan technology second times to accept the listing counseling.

3, “big brother” Wang Yawei’s private advance liquidation now the first decline in the size of private equity funds

Data show that the first three quarters of this year, the total liquidation of private equity products reached 4045, involving 1942 institutions, a record high of 5 years. In the liquidation of private equity products, private equity strategy product is only 2087, accounting for 51.59%. The fund industry association data show that Wang Yawei’s railway Bauhinia auspicious clouds No. 3 specific client asset management plans ahead of liquidation. At the end of October, the total private equity fund management scale is 12 trillion and 770 billion, compared to last month, the decline in the size of 31 billion 295 million yuan. According to statistics, since the fund industry association since January 2015 announced private equity fund for the record data, the total size has declined for the first time.

4, 319 shares in the placement of objects to be included in the blacklist of Dan Bin Card Association of private equity products in the column

In order to regulate the IPO inquiry and purchase behavior of investors and placing objects under the net equity, China Securities Industry Association released “IPO placement blacklist notice”, the list of blacklisted 319 object placement, the natural person with the sale of objects up to 246, accounting for 77%. There are a number of organizations and private account fund account is also included in the list, such as market well-known private Dan Bin’s Eastern Harbour is involved. It is understood that the placement of objects purchase in the month 1 2018 -7 in 54 IPO network under the project process, there is a violation of “IPO underwriting business norms” provisions of Article 45, 46, including illegal behavior but did not provide a valid offer to participate in the purchase, and fails to pay the full subscription funds.

5, who will be the first landing? By a big guess to the board! A brokerage agencies just push the list

Although the SSE has issued emergency denied “20 pilot enterprises” say, but according to 14, since the securities research report found that the major brokerage firms generally believe that the board will be defined as “Chinese by nasdaq”. Not only the domestic capital market will become the first trial registration system of the plate, is also expected to open with the right to share different requirements for domestic and overseas funded enterprises outstanding innovation listed shares return to facilitate.

6, “the Lich King” Hengli Industrial drop hot money speculation relay high holdings of shareholders

In a 17 trading day harvest 14 trading board records, “the Lich King” 6.68% Hengli Industrial decline yesterday, the turnover rate of 24.36%. The market believes that the delisting of the introduction of new regulations and the company’s third-largest shareholder of the Great Wall information management intends to high reduction of the news or the end of “the Lich King” hurricane road. It is worth noting that, in recent months 1 Hengli Industrial billboard turnover, only 1252.25 million turnover from the body seats, the formation of a huge contrast with the 11 14 record of 12.8 billion yuan in the history of the highest turnover. Recently, the shareholders of the controlling shareholder Chinese Huayang Trade Group Co. Ltd. broke the continuous bond defaults, Huayang holding equity pledge to lift whether the Great Wall information management footsteps high reduction is still worthy of attention.

7, the brokerage strategy will emerge a new model of sales price ticket seller discovered

Near the end of the year, the major brokerage strategy is traditionally held. Unlike in the past, the recent Beijing Shanghai, a brokerage brokerage, a medium-sized brokerage firms have been exposed strategy will open ticket, the fare up to 8888 yuan. A brokerage researchers of Chinese North China Securities newspaper reporter said, never seen this situation with the Securities Research Institute began to seek transformation, by way of charging filter, private institutions, to provide communication platform to explore a way of transformation. A brokerage Institute said, from the customer point of view, the participants can communicate directly and listed company personnel, at least dongmi this level, this exchange is equivalent to the research, the participants of the ticket price is far lower than the cost of research, it is very economical. Even if you don’t study, at least for us to provide a communication platform, familiar with each other, to lay the foundation for future cooperation.

8, open the door to lose money? Within 20 days of the 5 firms cut branches

Just 20 days, regulators approved 5 brokerages to revoke the approval branch. Including to revoke Shanghai Zhongyuan Securities Information Management Branch, and the state securities business department to revoke Beijing Dawanglu, and Soochow securities, Hualong securities, CITIC Securities Brokerage (Shandong) Gansu, Shandong and northeast, revocation of Jining branch. The brokerage business department is not a cause for cancellation, but this year the brokerage business department, slowing the pace of new frequent withdrawal of branches is an indisputable fact; at the same time, due to the decline in commission rates and stock turnover downturn coexist, the first three quarters of the brokerage agency trading business net income (including seat leasing) fell 20.84%.

9, the third pillar pension development “wind” raised funds to usher in a major opportunity

The pension is beneficial to the people’s livelihood. In recent years, China’s pension policy intensive introduction, basic pension, annuity occupation started market investment operations, personal pension to start a pilot, “the third pillar pension wind development”. As a public fund in the pension fund target — “newcomer” attention by the market, also marks the public fund ushered in a major opportunity. Commission Vice Chairman Li Chao introduced, as of now, the Commission has approved the establishment of the pension fund which target 26 only, 5 only has raised the end and start the investment operations, attract investors more than 18 million.

# company news #

1, millet 3 quarter revenue of 508 billion and 10 billion US signed the cooperation agreement bet is still suspense

Millet group announced that the third quarter revenue of 508 billion yuan, an increase of 49.1%; adjusted profit of 29 billion yuan, an increase of 17.3%. The three quarter EPS (earnings per share) 0.1 yuan, is expected to 0.08 yuan. The third quarter of the Internet services segment revenue grew 85.5% to 4 billion 700 million yuan. And on the same day, Mito company and millet group announced a strategic partnership. According to the content of cooperation, will be under the MiTo Mito mobile phone brand, image technology and the two level domain name, worldwide exclusive license to millet group. 5 years ago Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun bet 1 billion is nearing the end of the first three quarters of this year, millet income of about 130 billion 500 million yuan, the three quarter GREE earlier released 9 months before the 148 billion 700 million revenue, who wins in the end is still in suspense.

2, Dong Mingzhu: 5 years after GREE’s revenue will reach 600 billion yuan

11 month 19 days, GREE pearl industry, founding ceremony held at the Zhuhai City Polytechnic in the administrative center, chairman and President of GREE Dong Mingzhu at the ceremony. Dong Mingzhu said in his speech, in accordance with the deployment of GREE electric in 2023 operating income to reach 600 billion yuan. This requires a large number of management personnel, technical personnel and innovative talents. Data show that the first three quarters of this year, GREE achieved operating income of about 148 billion 699 million yuan, an increase of 34.11%.

3, vice president of the red yellow blue in response to new regulations: no idea of preschool education has been suspended to delisting

The red yellow blue education vice president Zhang Fan interview, red yellow and blue education will firmly support the promulgation and implementation of the “opinions”, according to the next government deployed to do in-depth study, but will have to adjust, red yellow blue follow-up business layout Zhang Fan said to be the follow-up study, however, the red and yellow blue is not the idea of delisting; it is worth mentioning that, since November 2017, with exposed child abuse, red yellow blue suspended kindergarten franchise.

4, the Volkswagen group spent $50 billion over the next 4 years to enter the field of electric vehicles

The Volkswagen Group announced it would spend $440 billion euros ($500 billion) for the construction of new factories, electric vehicles, automatic driving and mobile services. The money will be in 2019 years to 2023 years 4 years and put into use, the company accounted for about one-third of the total allocated to the 4 during the year. The Volkswagen Group CEO said, “one of the strategic objectives of the Volkswagen Group is to accelerate the pace of innovation. We will focus on investment in the mobile field in the future, and the implementation of our strategic system.”

5, Feng Xiaogang studio denied was fined 20 billion: out of thin air

The network of Feng Xiaogang fined 20 billion news caused widespread concern in the outside world, and continuous fermentation, Feng Xiaogang studio yesterday evening said is false news, the studio staff denied rumors, said it was “out of thin air”. The staff also said that it was boring, do not want to Big deal will not issue a statement, response.

6, Tesla released Shanghai factory job summary after musk said to achieve production in China next year

In November 19th, Tesla released Shanghai factory job summary, including BIM project manager, purchasing manager, Asia Pacific Engineering Audit Project Manager and other position. But Tesla CEO musk said in October next year, will achieve production in china.

7, “Sichuan Airlines hero units to film” Bona Film Group has been filed

In November 16th, by Sichuan Airlines “Chinese aviation hero unit to fly the Sichuan Airlines 3U8883 Chengdu to Beijing flights successfully flew to Beijing Capital International Airport. The same day, Zhang Hanyu released a photo of the actors and crew members in micro-blog, proved that he will play “hero captain”. In August this year, a record shooting “Bona film group China pilot project”.

8, by Wang Sicong dunning, bankruptcy and delisting…… What LETV shareholders said?

The morning of November 19th, LETV held the 2018 fourth extraordinary general meeting, music executives responded to the debt related transactions, delisting and other multiple problems. Recently, by the music as sports shareholders, including Wang Sicong’s Beijing, Xiamen casaarte MIPS capital, Tian Hong innovation, to the original shareholders LETV LETV sports arbitration and LETV equity repurchase and compensation and other matters, LETV secretaries Bai Bing said LETV will first be responding to, to avoid the company to bear the guarantee liability, related to the protection of the interests of minority shareholders. When asked about the delisting, white ice said delisting involves various factors by judgment, from the company level is the disposal and corresponding arrangement. But the specific measures, has not entered the stage of disclosure.

9, easy to “kowtow” after the owners have to pay the rent: 2 months unable to cash

Recently, a “kowtow dinner” exposure, again easy to push in the teeth of the storm. The morning of November 19th, a number of easy to the owner came easily to the Marriott is located in the center of Beijing headquarters, demand for cash. The scene of a collection of the owners said, due to the large number of drivers on site, easy to take the number, please, a negotiated deal on a. But he said, easy to spot camera driver, the driver did not directly mention now, just promise under the money weekly. (in longitude)

10, Shen Mengchen admit so insecure in idle fish cheated second-hand transaction?

19 evening, Shen Mengchen by micro-blog exposure recently in the leisure experience of being cheated on the fish, said because the buyers want to buy her clothes, but when they do not pay the payment in the past, said Shen Mengchen did not open the secondary trading. The buyers urged again and again, Shen Mengchen says that “without thinking” to pay 3000 yuan deposit, then pay 6000 yuan, suddenly come, have cheated. Shen Mengchen with the text also exposed on both sides of the idle fish to chat, chat records show, the other has said the payment is not in the past, although there is doubt Shen Mengchen, but according to the request of the other party to sweep the two-dimensional code, the money will be paid in the past, remind you don’t like her to be deceived.

# dynamic financial #

1, the CBRC Chairman Shang Fulin: dishonesty raised a national credit cost

In November 19th, the ninth session of the finance summit, director of the CPPCC Economic Committee, former CBRC Chairman Shang Fulin said that one thing may raise dishonesty, a market, a region and even the whole country credit cost. Therefore, he suggested that the development of disciplinary mechanisms, let dishonesty unprofitable, can’t do anything. Shang Fulin, for example, a man fell down and he falsely to help his people, now the old man fell help does not help become a social problem. At the beginning of this year, there are several companies for breach of contract, the bond market financing costs rising rapidly. A few enterprises, few people of the breach, make the whole market affected by the whole society.

2, bank capital business licensees and approved expansion opened several new high

11 19, Bank of Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued a notice to the preparatory group, nearly 5 month approved Jiangsu bank capital operation center opened, set up in Shanghai. This year has become since 2004, financial institutions approved business franchise opened the largest number of year. This year, 5 banks have capital business institutions approved the opening, of which there are 4 companies set up in the head office is located. This phenomenon is due to the original requirements at the beginning of the CBRC No. 4. No. 4 “without approval to set up branches and outlets, including off-site business department, business department, management department, office, office, business center, customer center, management team, and engaged in business activities listed, defined as illegal.

3, credit card without compensation: automatic operation is illegal cash repayment

“You can bind credit card into the credit card bill through APP, APP can simulate the consumer business, money consumption, and also in.” A compensatory platform staff said, in this way, can the bills this month will be postponed until next month. In addition to the security problem of credit card information, the operation is very obvious acts of illegal cash credit card. Once the “cash” confirmed by the bank, the cardholder may reduce the amount of credit will face serious consequences, may even violate the criminal law.

4, seize the first foreign exchange license? Guotai Junan emergency rumor

Recently, grab the first piece of foreign exchange on Guotai Junan licence, can carry out foreign exchange margin business within the territory of the news began to spread in the industry, but this is foreign counterparts have to point praise news has attracted Junan personally end the rumor. Guotai Junan said, leveraged foreign exchange trading business (also known as the “foreign exchange margin business”), main business for the company overseas subsidiary of Guotai Junan Foreign Exchange Limited company, its business operation in overseas, target customers were also for overseas customers. Most importantly, the current line of NPC and CPPCC, the State Administration of foreign exchange and its branches has not approved any institutions or agency to carry out the leveraged foreign exchange trading business in china.

5, Bohai securities relevant person in charge of state-owned assets has been expelled from the party for the loss of customers

Yesterday, a signed Bohai Securities Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin circulated in financial circles. 11 16 April, Bohai securities company for the serious processing of cadres Wang Bei violations of political discipline. The reason is 2016 years, the Tianjin municipal inspection teams of the company during the visit, Wang Bei hide taking the state-owned funds for the repayment of the loss of customers in the name of a person in collusion with Li Huangong et al., a forgery of evidence against the organization, offensive and defensive alliance, review, violation of the party’s political discipline. By the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the company decided to report to the company Party committee approval, to give Wang Bei expelled from the party.

6, four insurance firms 10 months premium income growth accelerated the rapid growth of new single premiums

The disclosure of four insurance companies listed on the 2018 years before the 10 month premium data show that the 10 month Chinese peace, Pacific Insurance, life insurance and China growth Chinese Xinhua insurance premium income up respectively 19.4%, 15.6%, 19.8% and 13.7%, 1-10 month cumulative growth rate were 19.1%, 14.5%, 4.8%, 11.5%. Overall, the premium data continues to improve.

# commodity futures #

1, outside the crude oil rebounded slightly gold for a fourth consecutive day of gains

Crude oil futures prices rebounded slightly Monday, WTI futures prices rose 30 cents to close at $56.76 / barrel. December WTI futures expire after the close on Monday, January WTI to become the new spot futures futures on Monday rose 52 cents to close at $57.20 / barrel. London Brent crude oil futures prices rose 3 cents to close at $66.79 / barrel. At the same time, oil traders are still assessing the major oil producers decided to significantly cut to address the possibility of excess supply of crude oil in the next month at the beginning of the meeting. The price of gold futures closed yesterday at the highest level in recent weeks, the New York Mercantile Exchange 12 delivery gold futures rose $2.30 to $1225.30 / ounce, the highest closing price since December 7, 11.

2, the cement industry boom high valuation level lifting

From the cement prices, the national cement prices rose last week. The national cement price was 442 yuan / ton, than the previous week increased 3 yuan / ton. Last week, the national cement market prices rose 0.74%. The price rise area is mainly in Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Henan, by 20-60 yuan / ton; for Bengbu, Anhui down area of Huaian and Guizhou Zunyi and other individual cities, by 20-60 yuan / ton. Since the beginning of the season project crashing demand, cement prices continue to rise; the end of October early November mandatory production of clinker and cement burst stack inventory low, the clinker prices rose two, driven by the regional cement prices jumped to a record high, the national average price of cement.

3, the crude oil price trend of asphalt supply and demand pattern two weak part company each going his own way

As the asphalt crude oil futures influence “, has been closely follow the oil price fluctuation. However, since last week, although the international crude oil prices continued to rebound and rebound, but the domestic asphalt futures but once again set foot on the way down. The environmental impact of the policy, the downstream construction needs of sand and stone, cement and other building materials prices rose rapidly, resulting in downstream problems such as funds, so has been on the rise in the price of the downstream asphalt deposit resistance. Analysts said that the forward discount structure of asphalt futures is not conducive to Dongchu traders, and early next year, the Southern China area construction may also end early, or spot prices fall further pressure. Therefore, the overall market fundamentals of asphalt is not optimistic.

The global market # #

1, bridge water up to Leo: during the Great Depression of the market today as 30’s.

Dario, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund in the water that the fed to tighten monetary, U.S. stocks at record highs, and the same year, the financial market is at the end of a cycle, national debt is high, because many developed economies still maintain record low interest rates, the central bank has bought trillions of dollars worth of assets, debt this long-term problem cannot be solved in a relaxed way. He reiterated last week mentioned in the global stock market to do more leverage, he expects the dollar will weaken the effect of other currencies will rise.

2, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup with bearish dollar a day

Goldman said, is expected next year the dollar fell across the board, because the U.S. economic growth slowed and the global average of more consistent standards. Goldman said, this view means that the correction of the yen has long-term bearish view. Citigroup said, with fiscal policy to boost the economy effect weakened and rising interest rates are beginning to hurt the economy next year, the dollar will weaken. Citigroup said that after the rise of 1% in the next 3 months, the dollar currency will G10 in 6 to 12 months fell by about 2%.

3 Facebook, the highest level in infighting? Media said Sandberg is worried about job security

According to “the Wall Street journal” reported earlier this year, with the fermentation of Cambridge analysis scandal, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) blamed the company’s chief operating officer Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg). The “Wall Street journal” quoted unnamed sources reported that Sandberg began to worry about their own work. Reported that Zuckerberg thought should be more effective to quell public Sandburg “hysteria”, and more actively allocate resources to monitor the content on the website. Facebook shares fell nearly 5% Monday to its lowest level since February 2017.

4, Saudi Arabia brewing cutbacks challenge American oil strategy

The United States gives exemption due to sanctions allowed hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day in Iran to enter the international market, leading to lower oil prices, Saudi Arabia is ready to take action to reduce the global supply of oil. After the reporter Jamal Khashoggi had killed shamei was strained, the United States is exacerbated by the exemption of sanctions on both sides of the conflict. The Saudi party consultant said, to support the domestic economy, Saudi Arabia hopes to cut production, oil prices will be increased to around $80 / barrel. U.S. President Barack Trump warned countries not to cut, and called for lower prices.

5, the Japanese auto industry giant shock Nissan chairman Ghosn was arrested on suspicion of violation of financial trading rules

11 19 April evening, the Japanese auto industry the occurrence of large earthquakes, “Asahi Shimbun” first burst, Nissan chairman Carlos Genn (Carlos Ghosn) for Securities report understated received the reward of their own, by Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office tokusou Department arrested. In addition, Ghosn also has a number of serious violations of public funds for personal use. Based on this, the company will offer the release of Ghosn to the position of the board of directors.

6, the former mayor of New York, Bloomberg founder and CEO Bloomberg donated $1 billion 800 million to his alma mater

Former New York city mayor Peng Bo Bloomberg, founder recently announced to donate $1 billion 800 million to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. The “New York Times” the author said, the money will be dedicated to providing scholarships and grants for low-income students, and will enable the Johns Hopkins University in the recruitment of “don’t ask family forever”. Johns Hopkins University said, this is by far the American educational institutions received the largest donation.

7, Coca-Cola CEO strategy: we will not explain coffee and Starbucks confrontation

Coca-Cola president and CEO James – Quincy (James Quincey) said in an interview, Coca-Cola’s $5 billion 100 million acquisition of the British coffee chain Costa, it is in order to challenge the giants like Starbucks, as it is in order to create a new coffee experience. In the gas station and convenience stores existing place quickly and offer quality coffee the opportunity has not yet been released. He will be the coffee market potential total rated at about $500 billion.

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