Financing bitcoin sponsored Racer

Financing bitcoin sponsored Racer

In order to win for the digital currency by sports people, a financing activity will sponsor the Hongkong British driver Dan Wells. Prior to this, bitcoin / Diamond Circle Isle of Man named TT Superbike rider David Johnson, and most recently, the dog coins sponsored by NASCAR, prove that this concept can be successful.

If all goes well, Wells will be in July 18th South Korea game, wearing logo clothing bitcoin competition. Wells, 23 years old, skilled in the use of technology and social media, the development of their own occupation career, he used blogs and Facebook pages, real-time status updates to the fans, the @danwellsracing Twitter account has sent more than 16500 tweets. He has successfully launched GoFundMe financing activities, from 150 supporters raised 14000 euros, this event will be the first time he involved in bitcoin.

Wells said, bitcoin can help budding athletes find sponsorship, and to establish contact with the fans: “this partnership is encouraging innovation, I am glad to bitcoin become my occupation career to raise another way to invest…… Before the start of my career, one of my hobbies is economics, joining such an innovative project is great…… The car and bitcoin is based on the technology, so I am very pleased to have the opportunity through CryptoMex David Shin and the bitcoin community to establish contact.”

Bitcoin financing platform with Wells company Dan will Wells Investors cooperation management of the project. CryptoMex headquarters in Hongkong, to help enterprises to seek financing bitcoin. The company aims to become a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs. CryptoMex founder David Shin said: “I am delighted that Dan Wells will cooperate with to promote bitcoin. He is a sense of innovation, hard-working and intelligent man. We look forward to racing and community commercial development platform, to reach new heights…… I’m sure this season for Dan Wells and his supporters, is a successful season.”

In addition to financing, CryptoMex also has its own stock market, supporters can get dividends by companies or projects with dividend payment in bitcoins, and can be traded. Because the Wells fundraiser is non profitable business, so CryptoMex prohibit the transaction function. Users can purchase the corresponding share in the CryptoMex, or donate bitcoin, if they are registered on the platform.

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