Fleet Complete wants to bring the block chain into the cargo and transport industry

nnRecently, the block chain technology into the freight transport industry, the industry has also set up a freight transport chain chain alliance, thus promoting the freight transport industry chain chain standard framework of the adoption, education and development. To help drive the use of this technology in the industry, Canadian telematics company Fleet Complete joins the consortium as a Chartered Membern
nnTranslation: Clovern
nOntario, Toronto – Block Chain technology is entering the freight transport industry, Canada’s telematics company Fleet Complete is helping to introduce this technology.n
nThe company joined the recent formation of the Union – freight transport chain chain alliance, a franchise member. Which was established to promote the adoption, education and development of the standard framework for the chain of freight and transport industries.n
nBlock-chain technology saves all records (called blocks) of a transaction and stores them in a personal computer network. With the increase in the record of a transaction, all records are associated with each other in the network, thus forming a chain network. All records in a transaction will be encrypted, but each party involved in the transaction can immediately view the records, make it transparent and available to everyone in the network, and make it impossible to be tampered with.n
nFleet Complete CEO Tony Lourakis said that for the freight transport industry, the chain chain trade has several advantages, such as the payment immediately after the payment to the driver, self-control and implementation of fuel and maintenance costs to pay, fully automated settlement and transportation Tool history and security of unlimited records.n
nAs part of the chain-chain transaction requires that each part of the transaction be digitized, the members of the Cargo Transport Chain Chain Alliance work together to help narrow the gap between the current practice and the newer digital technology.n
nThe block chain has been a hot topic recently, and last week’s discussion of the new technical issues at the Innerscape Conference at 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, ran through the entire conference. Venture Foresight spokesman and futurist Simon Anderson told the audience that it was not far from the idea that the idea was a standard business practice.n

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