Focus on hot topics, gathered in the industry big coffee, the third block chain global summit announced the latest developments

nnnSeptember 14, 2017 – September 16, “the third block chain global summit” will be held in Shanghai Bund W Hotel, event organizer Wanzheng block chain laboratory recently announced the latest developments in the summit. Block chain pencil was informed that there are several industry companies to join the ranks of the big coffee, but also the theme of the summit “new economic dawn” have a new understanding. And the new peak of the official website also on the line recently.n
nnReporter: pencil leadn
nDiscuss hot topics based on industry backgroundn
nIn 2017, the block chain has become a “net red”, a variety of block chain companies have emerged, block chain technology and other industries combined practice from the financial industry spread to the Internet of Things, supply chain, medical, intelligent manufacturing In all areas, at the same time, the concept of ICO rises, regulators have a significant impact on the global market, public and private chain to discuss controversy. Based on the development of the block chain, the third regional chain of regional issues in addition to the depth of the block chain forward technology, will focus on block industry chain applications, alliance development, policy supervision, investment and other hot topics.n
nAccording to reports, this year’s summit theme “new economic dawn” is also the resulting On the one hand, the block chain in the actual application of the scene made significant progress, breaking the technical theory to the practical scene of the shackles. In February 2017, the first team of the new chain acceleration battalion, covering the areas of copyright certification and transactions, smart medicine, games, smart locks and housing leasing, with a variety of cases, Technology broad application space and business prospects, the first landing project will be released in the near future. And May 12, the opening day, the second phase of the new chain to speed up the camp announced the launch of recruitment. Just over a month, the recruitment process has just half, the registration team has reached a number of recruitment team several times. Block chain business fever high, more technical ability, with cross-industry background of the entrepreneurial team doubled, some projects began to land. On the other hand, digital money surged, ICO into an irrational outbreak, the concept of speculation or real material, supporters opponents of the word, which also shows that the block chain is still in the early stage of exploration. “Dawn”, although still in the early, but there are breakthroughs, the dawn is now, the future is full of hope and prospects. “Dawn”, the block chain has been out of the “horizon”, jumped into a new chain based on the chain of economic patterns and business community is coming!n
nBig coffee set to promote the development of the industryn
nThe development of the chain chain industry is the main purpose of the block chain global summit, so the annual summit will be invited from the world’s hottest industry leaders, technical experts, experts and scholars, pioneer investors, policy makers and policy makers, Companies and all walks of life outstanding enterprises to participate in the summit.n
nAccording to the third block chain global summit official website ( disclosure, the current team to determine the presence of nearly 20 seats, and the list is still updated.n
nIn addition to the previously reported:n
nnFather of Smart Contract Nick Szabo, Company CTO (net BM) Daniel Larimer,n
nOverstock founder and CEO Patrick Byrne,n
nFounder of the ether square, universal block chain laboratory chief scientist Vitalik Buterin,n

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