For 15 months, bitcoin has broken the bottom again, the block chain has fallen down, do you believe it?

In recent years, with the price of bitcoin a road block chain industry will stride forward singing militant songs, has been developing rapidly. Block chain is the trust of the machine, is a new type of relations of production, is the fourth industrial revolution. However, with the price of bitcoin fell all the way, the arrival of the bear market, block chain industry bubble will eventually burst, bitcoin pustule pushed broken, mouthing bitcoin market constantly, has become a new round of tulip bubble, there is no practical value, belief is the breakdown, Starving people fill the land.

Grief is a dead heart. The original currency circle bigwigs, some choose to retreat, some moved, some turn to open a winery. Only those who have a high entry, stick, stick with bitcoin belief. In many cases, characters of currency change, only the hands of the digital relish, paper wealth. When bitcoin dividend tide receded, but hit all fantasy reality. Netizens said with a smile, bitcoin rose much higher, fall more deeply. Seemingly bitterness also somewhat helpless, the tide receded, more rational, value regression.

Block chain broken days, is not tampered with books, the Internet era is to solve the problem of trust, before, people not only can center, consensus, self governance. Due to the multiple characteristics of the blockchain, it is widely used in artificial intelligence together. Data show that until 2020 years, block chain applications will reach about 56%. Can be said to be on the Internet, basically will use the application block chain technology. When it comes to the application block chain technology, first bitcoin payment of its core is to solve the point point, is a bridge of currency, have a certain role in the monetary payment. But there are many problems, such as low efficiency, technology branch expansion, high transaction rates are problems. It can be said, as the point of the electronic currency system, electronic payment instruments, has been a step unadorned.

Overall, the blockchain era has arrived, the show, point-to-point electronic cash system, transaction settlement system, financing, contract, community autonomy and intelligent appearance. However, the bitcoin industry also began to form, for example, bitcoin mining machine industry, including graphics chip, expand the company’s production capacity; the rise of currency speculation, Tun currency digital currency exchange; financial futures fund the advent of digital assets; other related services on the downstream industry. Until now, the price is always hovering around $3300, to a record low over the past 15 months, had fallen over 83% or so, the market is still uncertain, the long bear market.

Don’t talk about money, and unpredictable. The birth of the block chain, encryption of digital currency, change a part of people. With the block chain technology to update and improve the efficiency brought by will change, but not too superstitious and block chain, technology is a technology, a line of code, an algorithm. As the Internet content, who can truly say that “the Internet”.

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