For bitcoin addiction, a course of 400 thousand

 For bitcoin addiction, a course of 400 thousand

In 2018, Castle Craig in the hospital began accepting bitcoin addiction treatment, as of now, a total of 12 patients treated, but did not heal.

“We encourage people to leave as soon as possible, so that they can live independently at the beginning of what we call ‘recovery’. We say that there is no cure for addiction, but you can reduce it. Castle Craig (Rupert Wolfe hospital public relations consultant Rupert Murray) said on the deep financial chain.

Most people about crypto currency addiction, because of the wealth effect, but in the eyes of the therapist, but also for its cutting-edge technology blockchain crush etc..

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 For bitcoin addiction, a course of 400 thousand

12 patients all cured

“You heal cryptocurrencies addicts?”


Castle Craig hospital (Castle Craig Hospital) attending therapist Tony said about addiction, it is difficult to recover.

Castle Craig is a UK Scotland rehabilitation center, the main treatment of alcohol and drug addiction and other symptoms. It was founded in 1988, is one of the leading European addiction treatment hospital.

In 2018 Craig Castle Hospital first proposed bitcoin addiction services.

In recent years, to the treatment of addiction (including alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, gambling) for help in the name of the rehabilitation clinic in encrypted addiction patients reaches 12.

2015, the UK Gambling Commission found that there are more than 2 million people indulge in gambling or risk. Online gambling addiction is one of the fastest growth in the world today.

“Bitcoin addiction” is considered as a kind of Internet gambling.

At the Castle Craig hospital, the day trading (traders through the Internet to constantly monitor the price advantage of small price movements, the same day trading stocks and other financial instruments) and encryption currency addiction was considered as a form of gambling addiction.

“If a person’s life is dominated by addictive behavior (they do whatever they can do, including theft behavior), then we may think they are addicted.” Castle Craig hospital public relations consultant Rupert says to the deep financial chain.

Absolute bitcoin volatility is the key to addiction, continued the highs and lows caused by dopamine, like a drug.

Addiction is considered a “chronic encephalopathy diagnosis, can cause the widespread problem in a person’s life”.

“One of the main features of addiction are denied, so we tell someone if he / she is an addict, they will be denied.”

Rupert said, before the patients to seek help, to admit that he could not control his addiction and life out of this, is actually very difficult.

More than 600 gambling addicts therapist Tony contact, only about 12 people in gambling addicts entered the hospital, the other person is a drug or alcohol.

A gambler said, drugs and alcohol to paralysis at the same time, also let yourself feel strong.

Among 5 phases, treated as basic: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

For most money addicts will accept encrypted alcohol or drug addiction, only in the process of treatment, they also admit to encryption currency transactions or other gambling addiction.

In view of this phenomenon, Rupert believes that this is consistent with a common view, namely to encrypted transaction addiction, not addiction, but they can bring profits.

 For bitcoin addiction, a course of 400 thousand

(Castle Craig hospital to determine whether to indulge in questionnaire encryption currency transactions)

 For bitcoin addiction, a course of 400 thousand

But because Dutch act regret selling bitcoin

In December 23, 2017, Reddit’s bitcoin forum, appeared in the “encrypted transaction addiction?” As the theme of the discussion, the vast majority of people do not think this is a kind of addiction performance.

“I can’t stop, especially the transaction has brought me huge profits.” In any discussion, when any one because bitcoin success story, with more than two below would regret the story.

Some people even wrote: “I hate myself”.

24 hours uninterrupted, coins, both thrilling and exciting, the number soared when the pleasure, is to bring the currency bitcoin speculation adrenaline passion.

The modern tragedy is that the work can be made constantly on the run, the income of the vast majority of people are destined to be unhappy, and then hope to earn excess returns by investing.

Similarly, in December 5, 2017, an article “My Brother Killed Himself Because Of BTC Reddit” (my brother was killed bitcoin).

Publisher Bonerz recalls, he is a crazy bitcoin owner. And the crypto currency will completely change the financial world is full of passion.

In 2012, Bonerz brother has at least 6000 bitcoins. Then, bitcoin prices in a relatively stable stage.

But in 2013, the silence was broken. My brother suddenly lost most of bitcoin, and prematurely sold the rest of bitcoin.

Since then, his whole person tempered up.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! “His brother at the roar of the family scene, Bonerz unforgettable, revealed a desperate cry.

In 2017, bitcoin prices skyrocketing, the completely autistic brother.

The family gradually can not contact him. When parents found, he has Dutch act, did not leave any words.

The family agreed that he is because bitcoin soared into remorse, and the choice of Dutch act.

In 2014, CEO of Singapore a virtual currency exchange First Meta – Cho Lai Deke, a daily deal with encryption monetary entrepreneurs, from the 25 storey apartment jumped down.

The cause of death, the police as a Dutch act for an unknown reason. But has triggered a crypto currency industry concerns, some people think that it is unable to bear the encryption currency price fluctuations lead to.

Like the encrypted transaction such gambling addiction is considered to be the most serious addiction, because compared with other forms of addiction, these addicts Dutch act rate higher.

“Yes, encrypted transaction is very addictive, always are concerned about price fluctuations, even in the middle of the night will check the price many times, most of the time did not know how to control your emotions. “

This is the most intuitive feeling into the money market after the encryption.

 For bitcoin addiction, a course of 400 thousand

A course or 400 thousand

The late sociologist and playwright Phillips Wright, in 1980’s book describes “wealth addiction”, but researchers have paid little attention to the concept of addiction.

For this concept, had Wall Street traders said himself from intern to general manager. When earn 1000 million people around 100 million, or 200 million dollars for yourself, don’t look so sweet.

When he realized that his wealth for addiction treatment, and commented that: “I saw the Wall Street mantra” we more intelligent than others, more efforts, so we should get all the money. “. The traders believe that this is the rational addicts.”

Money, 24 hours uninterrupted, both thrilling and exciting, high return and high risk of stimulation, addicted people with higher mortality.

At the Castle Craig hospital, gambling addiction treatment plan based on the 12 model (by step treatment group therapy and reading materials in the early stage was introduced to the 12 step), combined with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

8-10 patients were sitting together, in the group meeting under the leadership of the therapist, face to face mask that support each other and see positive changes.

The way of rehabilitation are summarized, for the formation of the community, which is deeply involved in self-help conference activities.

The general social environment, we rarely have the opportunity to share the real from the deepest fear, the community came in handy. In foreign countries, the community is considered to be the key to personal development, and the spirit of happiness.

Community beneficiaries said, “the development of the community is to cope with the crisis. Therefore, in the ICU waiting room of strangers will soon share their deepest fears and happiness. “

It is not easy to create a community, and create a sustainable community is more difficult.

Castle Craig hospital told deep chain finance, accept the shortest time of hospitalization bitcoin addicts for 4 weeks, but is usually recommended for at least 6 weeks, while the ideal treatment time is 3 months.

The intensive inpatient scheme will cost 5120 pounds a week: single room, room 3970 pounds a week, more than one room (4 beds) 3060 pounds a week. After 6 weeks of the treatment, to pay 2160 pounds a week for a single room, the room to pay 1400 pounds a week.

After calculation, if the received 6 weeks of treatment, single room costs 30720 pounds, about 27 million yuan; housing costs 23820 pounds, about 21 million yuan; more than the real cost 18360 pounds, about 16 million yuan. If 3 months after treatment (in 12 weeks), single room costs 43680 pounds, about 39 million yuan; housing 32220 pounds, about 29 million yuan.

Deep in the financial chain forum information, relevant information shows that in addition to the traditional object (such as gambling and drug addiction) similar to the outside, cutting-edge technology bitcoin may also become a new stimulus: Technology addiction addiction, namely block chain.

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