Forbes: Bitfury hosts the third block chain annual summit in Neckel Island

nnnIn the wake of the runaway: Bitfury will hold the third block chain annual summit tomorrow (July 25) on the private island of Neckel, a well-known investor, Sir Richard Branson. The summit will continue to bring together a number of industry leaders around the world to discuss the application of block chain technology. The main sponsors of the summit said they would focus on social undertakings and hope that everyone will use the technology to benefit mankind more for the benefit of society.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nSince the birth of eight and a half years ago, Bitcoin crossed numerous obstacles.n
nAccording to Goldman Sachs’s tracking of the trend of the spot currency, it has changed from the little-known digital currency to the asset that is twice as high as the value of gold.n
nThis is due to the block chain technology. Not only IBM, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Visa, Intel and other large companies have adopted the technology, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and other unofficial organizations are also exploring and even testing its potential.n
nA technical advance on Thursday may break the deadlock that discourages the development of its network, which is celebrating.n

nIn this gratifying case, on Tuesday, 50 leaders on behalf of the business, technology, government, academia, art and nonprofit sectors will arrive at Sir Richard Branson’s private island To participate in the third block chain annual summit, the block chain technology for a period of three days to explore.n
nThe summit was organized by Block Tai, a member of the chain-chain services company, and Bill Tai, a member of the board, and received special support from China’s credit technology. The summit was held on the island of Neckel, with participants from all over the world, such as former Estonian president Toomas Ilves, the famous Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto, CEO of Afghanistan Roya Mahboob and the European Parliament of the Greek Parliament, Eva Kaili.n
nBitfury Chief Executive Officer Valery Vavilov said:n
nn”We are trying to invite the world ‘s best thinkers to discuss how to really use block – chain technology at the right place.n
nnThe summit will explore how to apply the block chain technology to a number of areas, including economic empowerment, authentication, music, species protection, marine protection, etc., and in view of Branson’s efforts in music and nature conservation , The latter three particularly meet the theme of the summit.n
nOther speakers include Brian Forde and Michael Casey of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, singer Imogen Heap, Conservation International Jennifer Morrison, Saadia Madsbjerg of The Rockefeller Foundation, Young Sohn, founder of OceanElders, Gigi Brisson, founder and CEO of BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello, founder of Civic, a chain-chain founder, Vinny Lingham. Although many block chain activities are mostly male participants, but the participants of the summit about half of the participants.n
nBitfury was originally a Bitcoat Mining Company, dealing with transactions on the network, resulting in the new transaction block chain added to the block chain when the software generated by the new cast bit coins. Later, it greatly expanded its services, including block chain-related hardware (such as mining equipment and chips) and software (including the recently launched use of Bitcoin block chain protection data enterprise block chain product Exonum.)n
nAs the product grows, it has begun to extend its business to social undertakings, to carry out a move to transfer land ownership to the chain, to set up a blockchain Trust Accelerator to promote the benefit of the community Block chain technology applications, and the establishment of the global block chain business council (Global Blockchain Business Council), bringing together businesses around the world, advocate block chain technology. The two organizations were set up at the summit held in Neckel Island, as did the Blockchain Alliance, which helped combat chain-chain crime.n
nBill Tai stressed that the purpose of the summit was to motivate attendees to take action. He said:

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