Forbes: block chain or will lead to more intelligent B2B market

nnnWhen the Internet boom has been going on for decades, many key industries have emerged many online B2B trading platform, promised to achieve the parties to the transaction more convenient electronic communication and transactions. But does it mean that existing B2B networks are more prosperous or depressed with the emergence of block-chain technology and the streamlining of processes, cutting costs and eliminating the potential of intermediaries?n
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nDoes the emergence of block-chain technology mean the prosperity or depression of existing B2B networks? On the one hand, the block chain (a series of open global distributed books) is expected to ease and verify the organization and its customers, partners and suppliers to communicate with each other. On the other hand, the value proposition of the block chain is to eliminate the middle of the transaction, in order to achieve more independent exchanges.n
nAs the peak of the Internet has been around for decades, we have seen many of the key industries that have emerged as many online B2B trading platforms, promised to act electronically in the form of centers, suppliers, customers, and other parties involved Communication and trading. Some of the major trading platforms have also become important players within their industry.n
nToday, the block chain is entering the mainstream business. Recently, major technical participants, including Microsoft and Intel, have teamed together to build the so-called “Coco Framework” to provide companies with the performance, confidentiality, and performance needed to delegate assets and data to an invisible shared platform, Management and the required processing power.n
nDue to its global code embedded in a transparent and immutable “smart contract”, the block chain is expected to eliminate the transaction broker. Recently, I had the privilege of talking to Marco De Vries, senior director of product marketing for OpenText Business Network, which now oversees the industry’s long-standing B2B network like Covisint and ANX. For him, De Vries does not think that the block chain is a threat to the existing B2B network, but only as the previous technological revolution (such as XML), usually bring more complexity. He pointed out:n
nn”For a long time, we have seen a lot of stories about EDI and B2B outcomes, and even if the block chain is suddenly successful, it is likely that it will not apply to every aspect of the supply chain for some industries.” Many people predict that the AS2 standard Will replace the B2B network and our results for the AS2 network show that in fact many organizations are faced with more and more complex issues.It is difficult to keep up with all the changes.There are more than 50 different XML standards, And if I live in a lot of different industries, how can I get to know the development of the situation? I can not anticipate the field of managing my own chain.n
nnDe Vries said that the block chain can not exist completely in some virtual space. He said:n
nn”Even if you have a block chain, we also need to know the attribution of the recording system.It still needs to be stored in a place.If you want to send an order, or if you want to issue an alarm, how to achieve? , I can not see the area with my own chain of chains – the number is too much, there are millions or even billions of such areas, and it is another matter to protect them from attack.n
nnAt the same time, the block chain brings the potential to simplify and accelerate transactions between trading partners. “This undoubtedly enhances the traceability of high-value items or highly regulated goods (such as meat, poultry and medicines).” Although the first application of the block chain is digital money, he continues:n
nn”Entity supply chain applications have brought this technology to different levels.If I am in the retail industry and then order a batch of high-value porcelain (fragile) through the Internet of Things, this technology becomes more applicable, along with the supply chain Of the demand signal, as well as in different providers, freight, trains, ships in the collision sensor. Or, for example, if an item needs to be stored at a specific temperature, which is to detect the goods in the entire supply chain in the state “In the current chain of custody of damaged goods, he added,” I really can not see what happens in the whole process.n
nnIBM also agreed on the benefits of the digital market in a report released earlier this year. The authors observed that:n
nn”The block-chain digital market is where organizations predict major disruptive events.” Two-thirds of highly digitized companies expect the new block-chain market to trigger a huge subversion. “More and more organizations are expecting a higher percentage of their revenue to serve, making it easier to use digital markets that support point-to-point messaging and transactions based on block chains, which can automatically track consumption.”n
nnEnterprise supply chain managers have also seen the possibility of block chains. A recent survey by Chain Business Insights for 42 supply chain managers shows that 43% intend to introduce block-chain technology into their supply chains in the coming year, while another 20% say they are introducing blocks in the next two years Chain technology. The main advantages they have observed include improving the visibility and transparency of the supply chain (46%), while 24% are more concerned about the potential of the technology to cut transaction costs. 80% of respondents said that the block chain will play a role in tracking the movement of the product throughout the supply chain. While 60% of the respondents believe that the block chain can be used as a way to share information with suppliers. In addition, nearly 60% of the respondents believe that the block chain can be used as a purchase order to share payment information.n
nThe barriers to this technology include the lack of awareness and understanding of the technology (28%), and the lack of standard interoperability issues (28%). Chain Business Insights co-founder and head of Sherree DeCovny said:n
nn”There is still a long way to go before the technology is widely recognized, but the main features of this technology, such as product tracking and product certification chain chains, are likely to drive the technology in the near future. A higher level of knowledge. “n

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