Forbes: Block Chain Summit Problem – How does Bitcoin and Block Chain technology give women rights?

nnnRush: 30-year-old Afghan entrepreneur Roya Mahboob for women to create a video upload platform, found that the use of Bitcoin can solve the problem of women’s economic interests, to become the 2013 Times the world’s most influential 100 individuals, district The block chain summit also specifically mentions this story. Peruvian women’s robotic invention team in the government encountered in different situations also make people aware of the seriousness of the problem of women’s rights, it is necessary to use the block chain and encrypted currency technology.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
n30-year-old Afghan entrepreneur Roya Mahboob set up the entrepreneurial company Women’s Annex, the platform for women to upload blogs and videos, and pay by page views, found to pay compensation for women can not give them the economic rights.n
nAlthough the law stipulates that Afghan women can have bank accounts, they are opposed by their families. “The husband of the woman always beat her and took all her money,” after which she knew the bitcoin and decided to start paying the women in these currencies.n
nAfter the abuse of women “to store Bitcoin, and then sell, ask lawyers for their divorce”, Mahboob in 2013 by the Times as the world’s most influential 100 people.n
nLast week, Bitmury Group and venture capitalist, Bill Tai, sponsored the Blockchain Summit and received special sponsorship from China Credit Fintech at Richard Branson Private Neck Island held. The theme of the meeting mentioned the story of the feminist theme.n
nParticipants are constantly discussing some ideas. Mahboob’s case, they discussed the idea of ​​empowering women in developing countries with Bitcoin and Block Chain technology. But also to allow women to play a greater role in the development of public chains. Mentions that organizations of different natures are more productive than homogeneous institutions, and some speculate that female developers and miners help to create better results; the stalemate of the escalating community in the past three years has led to hard bifurcation, There are two bit currency version; if more women can participate, may be able to reach a compromise earlier.n
nParticipants include Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab. The meeting also explored female developers who funded women’s Bitcoin developers or used the Solidity language to build an APF Smart contract. Initially the participants worked together to list female experts in the field.n
nAlthough the block chain is a technology that can achieve a huge breakthrough in Pratt u0026 Whitney Finance, some unscientific gender research for Bitcoin and Encrypted Currency is not so encouraging.n said that using Google Analytics, 97.16% of the Bitcoin community was male and 2.84% were female, the ratio was 34: 1.n
nThe chain of chain technology research investment company CoinFund recently published in the September issue of the Token Summit (91.5% of respondents) were male.n
nFor those who want the technology to help women overcome financial barriers, the results are not satisfactory.n

nAlison Grigones, a senior policy adviser to the US Department of the Interior, who presided over the theme, said: “Women in many parts of the world are too dependent on others to manage their assets, often without the full value of their work and depend on others’ investment decisions. There are some places in addition to women in the family and the relationship between marriage, did not give women legal status.n
nWhen discussing the solution, team members and former Secretary of the Missouri government secretary Robin Carnahan said that the product design given to the block chain must be addressed in advance, “I think the technology is only coding, but the technical decision embedded in the great value.” For example, if the name of the husband and wife is required to enter the land title project based on the block chain, what should I do? “For women, if the spouse dies, it provides the right to an asset or a loan.”n
nPeruvian economist Hernando De Soto describes the profound impact of Peruvian land property projects on women and children. MIT study shows that 28% of Peruvian women are called to ensure that their land is not taken away, had to stay at home, unable to work. He persuaded the Peruvian Congress that the implementation of its land property rights program could release part of GDP and taxes, and MIT conducted another study to find that 28 percent of women were not only working, 25 percent of children could read. “Women have occupied 40% of Peruvian land, now 65%.”n
nMahboob also used practical measures to persuade the government, “If I started talking about civil rights and feminism, they stopped my project, so I talked about letting women improve their skills and family status.”n
nThe inspiring story will not hurt them.n
nThe Afghan girl’s robotic team was unable to obtain a visa, was unable to participate in the American Robotics Contest, and later received Mahboob’s Digital Citizen Fund sponsorship, causing a stir in the social network. Mahboob narrates the beginning “The Afghan government and the Afghans do not want to admit the team.” The US embassy twice rejected his application, Mahboob tried to contact the Afghan government, prompting him to release a statement that these girls let them proud, but the government refused.n
nBut Trump approved his visa, “an hour later, I saw the ambassador first admitted to the Afghan team, surprised me when they fly back, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sent a car to pick up the former President President Karzai Also want to meet them, Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the National Union government, want to see them, and now everyone is proud of them, this is the first time I saw a girl team to bring unity, hope and light.n

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