Forbes: Five reasons why every health care company should invest in a chain chain

nnnThe biggest problem facing the global health care industry is the interoperability of different inter-agency cases, not only to improve the cost, but also to reduce the patient’s medical level. Therefore, in the large-scale digital today, the use of block-chain technology will bring five opportunities for the health care industry, from the bottom of the technology to the development of medicine to improve the development of the entire medical level.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe medical and health sector is undergoing a number of major changes, such as digitalization of medical services, to the center. The digitization of treatment, equipment, services and business models democratized the health system by unlocking new costs by eliminating high-cost participants and areas that were previously incapable of entering. All health care participants try to demonstrate the value of highly anticipated data-driven, value-based reimbursement systems, and thus digital transformation has become a strategic point for these participants.n
nAt the same time, most governments have policies and strategies for digitizing medical goals, increasing the use of digital cases such as eHR / EMR and other medical IT systems (HITs) or infrastructures. Despite these digital projects, the current limitations of personal health data security, authenticity, and access control have created significant bottlenecks in health care innovation. Resulting in isolation of data between different service providers, hospitals, payers, and even the different departments of the healthcare system, leading to inefficient digital medical processes and hampering medical cooperation. As the healthcare industry tries to find a balance between digital risk and benefits, the potential of block-chain technology applications provides a legitimate solution to eliminating these urgent needs.n

nBefore we released the block chain article, we recognized the potential of the block chain technology to change the digitalization process of health care, but realized that it was not a panacea for this industry problem. Frost

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