Forbes: How does cryptocurrency create new jobs in technology?

nRunaway Comment: The cryptocurrency has finally ushered in an explosion in the past year, but it has created more than just a trend, as well as job opportunities. According to the survey, whether it is the demand displayed on the job search site or the supply of related personnel are showing a blowout growth, now for blockchain technology enthusiasts, may be the best time to start cryptocurrency career. The author briefly introduces the status quo of the cryptocurrency job market, briefly lists the types of jobs that can be done, and gives some suggestions on how to get the job done.n
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Cryptocurrencies broke out completely in the past year or two. Although you might listen to friends, relatives and colleagues about Bitcoin, you may not know that it creates more than just a tide: there are jobs. From cryptocurrency start-ups to veteran companies, the job market has never been as promising for blockchain enthusiasts.n
Now let’s take a look at the state of the cryptocurrency job market, what types of jobs you can do, and how to get the job done.n
Encryption currency industry employment trendsn
According to a survey of job-search sites, work positions referring to “blockchain”, “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” have risen 621% since November 2015. The supply of people is also growing as demand grows: the report said job searches for the three nouns also increased 1065%.n
Finding companies that have the skills to do this may also surprise you. Uber, eBay, Capital One, and GEICO are among the companies that have searched for and / or have been contacted or listed in the resume in the skill column with keywords such as “Bitcoin” or “Blockchain.” Whether this indicates whether the cryptocurrency is gaining more widespread adoption remains to be seen, but it is certain that there is a real interest in this area.n
Like most technical areas, cryptocurrencies are a male-dominated area … But when the technology is still in its infancy, women are always able to seize the opportunity to change that trend.n
What are the types of jobs related to cryptocurrencies?n
From developers to project managers, miners to data scientists, there is a wide range of job opportunities in the cryptocurrency business. Some job search sites even post such jobs today, such as Some jobs include blockchain technology only; others are based on blockchain technology.n
Cryptocurrency Analyst Design Investment Strategy. Blockchain developers use blockchain technology to implement solutions for their companies. Mining technicians assemble, operate and maintain mining machines that mine cryptocurrencies. For traders, salespeople, journalists, DevOps engineers, consultants, technical product managers, etc., there is also work on cryptocurrency. Even a small amount of internship opportunities will be provided.n
These efforts may involve some well-established currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or ICO (First Digital Token Distribution) projects where team members use blockchain technology to build a whole new currency.n
How to get cryptocurrency related jobs?n
Obviously, in such an emerging industry, the specific responsibilities of each position vary widely from company to company – and may even change as the field progresses. If you are in the early stages of a startup rather than a large public company, your job content will also be very different.n
The first step is to simply familiarize (preferably keenly) with the cryptocurrency and its underlying technology. Whether you’ve been investing yourself, running your own miner or knowing the basics of how Blockchain works, if you want to get the job or study every day for nine or five days, you should be right This is full of passion.n
Many companies do not require job-seekers to gain immediate insight into cryptography-related knowledge; they know it is an emerging industry so they may be willing to nurture talent at work. This means that getting as much knowledge as you can in this area will only increase your chances. Courses like studying Princeton’s bitcoin and cryptocurrency at Coursera are a great start.n
The second point of this question is to have the background in which you want to work. If you want to be a blockchain developer, having worked as a “regular” developer post will make you a very attractive candidate. If you want to be a cryptocurrency project manager, show some project management experience.n
Thinking about the type of company you want to work for? According to AngelList, hiring bonuses are also reportedly very high, as cryptocurrency start-ups get a lot of money. And another attractive bonus is that if you end up opting for ICO-related jobs, you might get the token that the project issues in the form of “equity” in addition to the salary.n
Bitcoin was born in 2008, which means that Bitcoin will mark its tenth anniversary next year. It now appears that bitcoin does not seem to disappear, and now may be the best time to take up new jobs created by cryptocurrencies.n
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