Forbes: Is the chain chain technology mature?

nnnWalking time comment: Since the block chain technology overnight reputation around the world, surrounded by the technology is full of speculation and expectations, and with the past year, the fiery development of ICO, this phenomenon seems to be on a new step The However, if only the use of block chain as the underlying technology of the encrypted currency as an investment, then the relevant risks will inevitably become extremely high. Whether it is encrypted currency or block-chain technology, it needs to be grounded and put into practical use to demonstrate its maximum value. Compared with the adoption rate of the encrypted currency, the block chain technology is actively engaged in shipping, energy and medical fields. Multiple use case tests, and this shows how bright the future of the block chain.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nSince the block chain fame, the technology is flooded with speculation and expectations, but over the past year with the first digital money issue (ICO) sought after almost the same degree of its initial public offering (IPO) Kind of phenomenon seems to be on a new level.n
nSo far, many of the encrypted currencies constructed using the block chain technology may be suitable only as an investment, as compared to the currency that can be used to actually buy goods, and if this is the case, it seems that the coin, the ether square and the like The risk of encrypting money will inevitably become very high.n
nPractical applicationn
nHowever, early signs of development suggest that slowly, encrypted currency holders can also put them into practical use. For example, the Collective recently announced that residents of the company’s facilities will be able to pay a deposit using Bitcoin, while the company plans to support the same way to pay the rent by the end of 2017.n
nThe Collective said:n
nn”The rise and use of encrypted currency, especially Bitcoin, on a global scale, marks the very attractive development of people’s value in storing and trading goods and services around the world. Many depositors and investors are now Have chosen to use the encrypted currency, and therefore feel comfortable and comfortable, people will be more looking forward to the use of these encrypted currencies for daily necessities, including housing deposits and rent.n
nnHowever, this phenomenon is still a minority, the current usually only small and market segments of the supplier to accept Bitcoin or other types of encrypted currency as a payment method.n
nBut this is another aspect of the block chain technology, the use of this technology to provide safe and responsible data management capabilities, has made a wide range of early results.n
nThe development of block chainn
nFor example, at the beginning of this year, Danish shipping giant Maersk announced its early results in cooperation with IBM, using block chains to more effectively track the container’s global trajectory.n
nMaersk said:n
nn”As a global integrator for container logistics, and has the ambition to achieve digitalization of global trade, we have great potential and productivity gains for this global supply chain while reducing fraud and increasing the potential for security We are excited to work with IBM to explore subversive technologies such as block chains to help solve real customer problems and create new and innovative business models for the entire industry.We expect that the solutions we are working on will not only be Reduce the cost of goods for consumers, and allow more participants from emerging and developed countries to reach global trade. “n
nnOr, the green energy startup, Power Ledger, is using Ecochain, which claims to be an environmentally friendly block chain, to make it easier for people who have renewable energy at their property to sell these energy to other users.n
nThey said:n
nn”At present, if your solar power is over, then you will usually sell these excess electricity at a very low net price, and then at a high rate (from the grid) to buy electricity and use (Power Ledger) , You can sell excess electricity to your neighbors at the price between the two.n
nMedical block chainn
nHowever, it can be said that the chain chain in the medical field is the greatest potential, and the field has emerged a lot of the use of the technology project. For example, early this year Alphabet’s artificial intelligence division DeepMind announced the introduction of block chain books to manage health care data. The purpose is to automatically record the patient data in a safe way for each interaction.n
nOr, we also see the health care start-up company Patientory. The company’s mission is to associate digital medical records without affecting user privacy. Recently, the company also launched the industry’s first tokens sale project.n
nThe token, called PTY, will be traded through a secure closed-loop ledger system designed to link all parties in the health care ecosystem in a highly secure chain-chain health information exchange (HIE) Exchange medical data.n
nHealPoint also operates in a similar way and is designed to use block-chain technology in its telemedicine platform.n
nThe company is building a physician library where the doctor will provide a second diagnostic counsel on request and reach a consensus on patient diagnosis to incorporate risk analysis into the diagnosis. The platform can be used to confirm the diagnosis of the conclusion, but can also provide professional consensus to support patients to change their recommended treatment options.n
nThe technology also attracted the attention of the government last year, the British chief scientific adviser issued a report on the greatly praised the chain chain in the health care potential.n
nSir Mark Walport said:n
nn”In the UK National Health Service System (NHS), this technology provides the potential to improve health care by improving the delivery of certified and certified services and by safely sharing records based on exact rules.”n
nnThis coincides with Philips Healthcare’s internal launch of a new lab to test block-chain technology in a controlled environment. The laboratory hopes to provide the company with a technology, strategy and legal framework for the use of block chains. This will create a favorable environment for prototyping within its organization and selected partners.n
nAll of these indicate that the future of the block chain is promising. As for the coin and other encrypted currency, I can only say that the final result remains to be seen.n

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