Forbes: Quickly raise millions of ways to Jane – Encrypt currency frenzy

nnnRampage Comments: Some investment products to new technologies or exotic products to enter the market, was hype, from the IPO into investment frenzy. Through the early investment and early delisting time difference to earn a lot of profits. The encrypted currency ICO is somewhat similar in this respect. However, in order to continue to maintain the development of these encrypted currencies, must be through the use of business to be consolidated.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nNow the most prominent way of large-scale financing is the encrypted currency IPO, through the open currency of ICO, into the encrypted currency frenzy trend.n
nIPO has always been a way for investors to make a lot of money quickly, either to initiate an IPO project or to participate as an angel investor or as a venture investor. This means buying IPO shares at a few cents or a few dollars in pre-sale prices and then finding other investors to sell at a high price.n
nThis is usually the case that money is easy, investors are affected by IPO assets hype, perhaps promising to change the world of new technologies or foreign products, and finally investment into fanatical.n
nSimilar to the Internet era of the 1990s. Angel investors and venture capitalists buy their shares at cents before the Internet company is listed, and these companies are sold at hundreds of times after Wall Street’s listing. We all know what happened at the time of these early investors make a fortune, the late investment people suffered heavy losses.n
nNow the IPO is once again popular, but no longer the stock market. But the encrypted currency market, in the co-developers to develop and distribute encrypted tokens.n
nThese ICO speculation promises that the encrypted currency can reduce the dependence on the central bank.n
nInvestment speculation has brought a big move, so ICO hot up, so that investors make a fortune. Such as the block chain project Bancor’s ICO raised $ 153 million in currency.n
nEarly investors include legendary venture capitalists, venture capital fund Draper Fisher Jurvetson’s Tim Draper.n
nTezos Block Chain Project ICO raised $ 232 million in Bitcoin and Taitong, breaking the record.n
nOf course, Bitcoin Investment Trust Shares, which began trading in the OTC market at the end of last year, are currently profitable by 208.26%, so that gold investments will catch up.n
nJohn Paul McCaffrey said:n
nn”More than 100 companies, such as Microsoft and Dell, recognize Bitcoin, and with the development of encrypted money, through a large number of businesses to pay for products and services, can maintain the existing coin holder groups and attract new holders. Some of the country’s corporate resellers accept Bitcoin payments may have some surprises. Buy these currencies only need to download Coinbase phone applications, build accounts.Coinbase web application GDAX allows you to view the purchase limit.n
nnn”The encrypted money market is still volatile and offers the opportunity to make money, but the deal is a tough way to make money in every market. It’s a simple way to get out of the market when the public goes into the market and when the IPO or ICO is listed.”n

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