Forbes: The Travel Points program is the main goal of the block chain and is good news for travelers

nnnRampage commentary: the tourism industry involved in the various service industries, travel process will encounter many different consumer points plan. Just a variety of points system complex, isolated from each other, the customer is not very understanding of the details. This not only affects the interests of customers, but also to bring troubled travel companies. If you use the block chain technology, these points plan unified to the shared books, the use of a wallet management points, may be able to solve these troubled problems.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe United States and the world are in the accumulation of tourism points, involving flights, accommodation and car rental. Many times they just use some sort of credit card to provide travel shopping points. The question is whether the various plans really provide points.n
nTravel credits are more complex and less transparent than others, and are more cumbersome to use. The customer does not understand why the points of the various shopping are different. For most ordinary visitors, these are not important, because they are difficult to accumulate to the points that can be used.n
nSo many points have not been used up, travel companies do not build points system. In fact, if customers think that rules and opacity are in order to allow them not to use the benefits of commitment, complexity tends to counteract the points. Ironically, the company is also in trouble, because accounting regulations require them to bear the corresponding responsibility of the points, and only the points after the company can clear the relevant income situation.n
nNext stop: travel itemsn
nBlock chain technology has undoubtedly arrived, with the potential to change travel business model, like many years ago online travel agency to take the distribution model. The technology is a continuous verification of the digital book technology, so that all network participants to share the full transaction books. The advantage of the block chain is to allow users to reach a consensus on the transaction, do not need to rely on brokers or clearing house mechanism. It is amazing for the hacker’s ability to attack, for the attention of very high customer data favorable.n
nAlthough Bitcoin is currently the most important block chain business category, there are already hundreds of other applications that already exist or are in development, using block-chain technology to develop smart contracts, supply chains to all applications for authentication and protection Then
nBlock chains have the potential to reduce the complexity of existing travel points programs and provide customers with a way to easily identify points between different projects, combine them with “one purse” and redeem points through multiple options.n
nThe benefits of early participationn
nThere are some benefits to the early travel companies that want to stay ahead, even though any emerging technology is at risk. In the competition before they can let them with the most attractive partners to build a relationship, easy and quickly increase their services. Block-chain applications allow small-scale projects to be bound or united to become large-scale projects. Travel companies can also look for technical partners or work with payment card processors.n
nAirlines, hotels and other travel companies face two dangers: Who is the customer data control, who is the block chain technology leader? Since the chain chain can add a trading layer between the customer and the merchant, the travel company may eventually need to work directly with the member organization, just like an online travel company.n
nTherefore, it can be said that the block chain is coming, and the appeal of technological innovation determines that once the block chain era comes, it will have a substantial impact on the points plan. Are airlines, hotels and other travel companies ready? Maybe yes, especially if they are starting to plan now.n

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