Forecast: what is the limit of the bitcoin?

Hello, I am a tutor. A few days before the rest due to illness, a long time not to update the article, apologize to you.

During this time I was lying in bed, bitcoin fell by about 40%, from the 6000 seems to be too strong to break the knife, the lowest dropping to $3600. Some friends have run away the flesh, with teacher said to buy coins on hand chop. I smile, anyway not lying on the bed, and have fun. Honestly bring a lot of fun this time the bitcoin market for beds in my life.

This decline is the direct reason, a set of BCH broken things out, Wu boss and Macao boss finally can’t live. In fact, they are the beginning of a loose coalition, the BCH bifurcation is itself a forcing behavior, Wu boss is not satisfied with the upstream industry leader, not to eat together in the middle and lower reaches of dry wipe, do God Jesus, it seems, can be said to be representative of the greedy and dissatisfied. You are the father of the industry is good, the market is not good, you are mine.

At this stage the BCH bifurcation, Wu Jihan call a lot of work force, which is playing the most ruthless battle when you have hidden it over the threshold of 51%. This fact illustrates a problem: people really need to go to the center?

This topic details it is very deep. I am in bed like a lot these days, finally found that humans do not need to go to the center. There are two reasons: first, the development of human history is slowly becoming more and more by the non center of the center. With the help of technology, both the government and the company will be personal life bound more and more tight, do not believe you can look at human history, today is the center of human life time, future will only intensify; second, the vast majority of human beings is very stupid, stupid by the combination of the individual a motley crew is very stupid, go to the center of the root is not necessarily a good thing. If you turn the bitcoin white paper, you will find it does not mention a word to the center of the concept, but stressed that bitcoin is out of the third party payment system point to point. To the center, more like a gimmick.

In fact, that low limit bitcoin is a thankless task.

I have been in this industry to avoid the prediction of a specific price, because too many factors involved here, no one will be a laughingstock. But at this moment I feel jittery, it is necessary to talk about my views.

First need to clarify some fallacies, they are very common, and even has been granted, if you want to predict the low limit of bitcoin, we must clarify these erroneous views:

1, bitcoin will not fall below the cost price.

Now you see, bitcoin prices have fallen below the cost price of many small mines, a force from the peak down nearly 50%. Before someone said bitcoin is not below the cost price below the miners will have to support the market, pull their nonsense letter?

2, bitcoin will not because 4 years halving production and appreciation

Any impact on the next plane to write messages on the will of BTC price, because the current prices have been included in the market expectations for the future.

Well, after clarifying the reason of error, also talk about the plunge.

The biggest drop for two reasons: one is the BCH mine tyrants behavior need to burn, they probably were sold; second is the requirements of the SEC two ICO project and refund back currency.

The first one can not talk about, we focus on the second. If the ICO is determined as a stock, then we must take the legal tender, the basic ETH BTC can be sentenced to death, or where not to go. No matter which way to send money, it is to make money, this represents a very suitable for fraud. But everything in the shadows of fraud are likely to be controlled by the state, so since 2017 because of RMB caused frenzy so far is almost completely should subside.

RMB doesn’t work, in pursuit of the value of BTC must find the root cause from BTC. What is the BTC? An out of the money system of government control, and this system has been tested, no problems. No matter now or in the future, there will still be a lot of people will come to accept this as long as remember the private key can have violated the property set.

For low limit of BTC, or to go from history.

Before the 2017 BTC price BTC broke out, the price is actually rising steadily, eventually stabilized at around $1000. Despite issuing this fraud function, the BTC function is still in value and with the expansion of BTC, the IP value increased.

The active BTC address is about 500 thousand, which more than doubled than that in 2017. I believe that with the popularity of BTC IP rising, BTC can reach the low limit at present should be twice as high than the end of 2016. Specifically, BTC can achieve the lowest position in 2000-3000 dollars.

According to the current price of $4000, BTC still could be cut, but the space below is not. This is my judgment.

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