Foreign media: People’s Bank of China clarifies the closure of bitcoin mines rumors

nBankruptcy comment: January 3, a coin ring celebrities claimed to be shutting down the mine screenshots of WeChat circulated circle of friends, currency ring instantly panic. Although he subsequently made a rumor about the screenshot, the domestic Bitcoin industry still releases news from the media that the central bank is discussing a ban on bitcoin mining activities. Yesterday, China’s financial media Caixin said in a press release that the authorities approaching the mutual-aid renovations show that the regulator is not currently mandating the shutting down of the ore pool. It is only regulating and shrinking the preferential policies around the country.n
nTranslation: Clovern
In recent days, rumors of a closed-door meeting on the Chinese government’s request to shut down the Bitcoin mine for a fixed period of time have triggered the currency shock. However, according to local Chinese media reports, the People’s Bank of China has already denounced the news.n
Chinese financial news network Caixin January 4 released reports that China’s central bank on January 3 did not hold a so-called internal meeting, bitcoin mine did not make a deadline for the request.n
Caixin’s report, however, did not reveal its sources and showed that China’s top regulator is planning to trim concessions such as tax concessions and cheap electricity supplies enjoyed by bitcoin mining companies.n
This means that the government’s current position on Bitcoin mining neither supports nor prevents such activities. Following the previous ban on ICO by the Chinese government and the tightening of the cryptocurrency exchange, this is the latest move by Chinese regulators to the cryptocurrency industry.n
It is reported that rumors began in the screenshots circulating on the WeChat platform. The picture shows that Guo Hong, a famous Chinese currency ring, said it will seal the mine. Then Guo Hongwei himself in the WeChat circle of friends for this message made a rumor, said the picture is PS, not what they said.n
Although Guo Hongde denied the news, China Bitcoin released reports from 45th district media that the central bank is discussing a ban on bitcoin mining. The same article also said that in order to shut down mining activities, the central bank will soon ask all local government agencies to investigate and report bitcoin Bitcoin mining facilities in the area quantity and address.n
Given the fact that China now has only 70% of hash rates in global bitcoin, these calculations are crucial to solving the mathematical function of mining cryptocurrencies, and the significance of this statement is also significant.n
However, according to CoinDesk, two cryptocurrencies located in China and ViaBTC, WeChat said they did not receive any information on the shutdown of the mine by the regulators. The two mines also did not comment on this issue.n

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