Foreign media: the Paris “yellow horse armor” protest is conducive to the development of bitcoin

The copyright of the picture: the home of the stationmaster

According to bitcoinexchangeguide, in the past three weeks, the “yellow horse armor” protesters in Paris were harassed every weekend and succeeded in turning the streets into a battlefield. The main reason for the protest is to raise taxes. Media analysis says its potential problem is the invalidity of the legal currency.

It is reported that the French government has taken a series of extensive tax increase measures to maintain the social welfare of the country, which directly increases the living cost of the people. In addition, the government also levied high taxes on existing encrypted currencies, paying 30% of the tax rate for the people to encrypt the proceeds of money.

More interestingly, some of the protesters wrote on their yellow vest: “buy bitcoin”. This shows some people dissatisfied with the legal currency and feels that bitcoin can replace the legal currency.

It is worth mentioning that Keplerk, a financial technology company, is in alliance with the country’s tobacco retailer, which is planning to sell bits of bitcoin to customers through bitcoin vouchers since January 2019. Subsequently, the plan was opposed by the French financial regulator.

But foreign media still predict that thousands of tobacco shops all over France will start selling bitcoins in 2019. As a result, France may become the next hotbed of the next bitcoin and encrypted currency.

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