Forklog, the Russian cryptocurrency currency, was raided by the Ukrainian Security Service

nComment: Recently, Anatoly Kaplan, founder of Forklog, the Russian cryptocurrency media, said he was illegally investigated by the Security Bureau of Ukraine and confiscated some devices and the ether. Because Kaplan thinks the search is unfounded, he has already decided to defend his legal rights through legal means. The matter also warns members of the cryptocurrency community in the region that the risk of engaging in related activities does not simply come from within the marketplace.n
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Forklog, the Russian cryptocurrency currency media, said it was illegally investigated by the Security Service of Ukrainen
The Security Agency of Ukraine (SSU) is a law enforcement agency that specializes in terrorist investigations and counterintelligence. Anatoly Kaplan, owner of Forklog, a cryptocurrency news site in the region, said the SSU is looking for clues about financial fraud with a group of Ukrainians and Americans. The agency explained to Forklog’s representatives that the suspects converted Bitcoin to Ukrainian currency hryvnia via Forklog. Kaplan and his company believe the search is “unfounded” because Forklog did not provide these services. Kaplan said, “Forklog does not even have the software to offer this service.”n

SSU agents confiscated one of its computers, several cold storage devices and some ethern
Kaplan pointed out that SSU agents seized his laptop and several cold storage devices during the search. In addition, a member of the SSU also attempted to transfer some of Kaplan’s bitcoin to another address. According to Kaplan, the agent did not succeed because his lawyer called and said he would sue him for robbery. However, these people still confiscate Kaplan’s device, and the next day, a large amount of ether was transferred from Kaplan’s wallet to another address.n
Anatoly Kaplan tells us:n
n”I believe that this weird situation is one of the things that we can possibly confront in a crypto-community, which is why we decided to make that public, and it does so much more than just protecting my personal interests but protecting the community as a whole. This is a warning to anyone who has close ties with bitcoin and blockchain technology, whether you are a public figure or not.n
nn”Now we’re trying to get back what we’ve taken illegally from us. It’s really weird to move cryptocurrencies to the wallet that SSU detectives control, and my lawyers also found that they had other procedural violations during the search, For example, turn off the camera. “n
SSU “Search Season” targeted at cryptocurrency-related businessesn
Kaplan and his lawyer said it was not the first time a detective from SSU had harassed tech workers and confiscated his property. This is known as the “Search Season” in Ukraine, which started in early 2015 and SSU has since raided the IT industry’s famous figures from time to time. Kaplan said bitcoin and blockchain-related startups “are no exception.” The residence of Michael Chobanian, founder of Kuna Bitcoin Agency, was also searched by SSU agents. In addition, they also conducted a surprise attack on the digging ground this year.n

Lawyers for Forklog and Kaplan said they would take legal steps against the illegal search and confiscation of SSU agents.n
Kaplan’s lawyer concludes:n
n”We expect the authorities to respond promptly and promptly to the prompt return of computers and equipment taken away. As for the confiscated cryptocurrencies being taken away and the legal responsibilities of SSU agents, I can only say that the incident has already explained many problems.”n

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