Form Politico editors revitalize journalism through block chain technology

nnnRush: Civil is committed to the development of journalism chain chain start-up companies, the use of block-chain technology to change the interaction between readers and journalists to eliminate the industry brokers, readers and journalists directly to the interests of interconnection. And through the issue of tokens, the use of tokens to encourage readers to find journalism plagiarism and errors and other acts.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTom McGeveran left Politico at the beginning of the year, do not know that they will enter the chain chain start-up companies, trying to change the way reporters interact with readers.n
nHe is currently co-founder of Civil Engineering in New York, USA, which encodes some of the elements of modern news and editing into the Smart Contracts in the Ethernet segment.n
nMcGeveran found himself involved in promoting changes in the industry that used to be.n
nBy encoding the functions of the various departments of the journalism into automated code, such as press releases, subscriptions, sales, marketing, Civil hopes can eliminate intermediaries in the industry: media organizations.n
nSuccessful, the project (planned for ICO this year) will break down all aspects of news editing into the most basic elements, so that individuals in the limited management of the case to complete these functions.n
nMcGeveran said:n
nn”I see the possibility of centralization of these elements in the encrypted economy, simplifying it into the interaction between readers and journalists or producers, reducing the cost structure of basic services, lifting the bundles of third-party interests, and citizens and readers Or the interests of journalists. “n
nLast week, the white paper released the news industry is divided into three markets, three market service interaction “network” can be broken down into a series of core elements.n
nNews editing and editing found with the reader, “citizen” or closely related or unrelated “niche and local” theme. “News station” is a monetization platform, so that journalists “in full accordance with their own needs” to their own works pricing. At the same time, “fact-checking-as-a-service” uses token to encourage readers to detect defamation, plagiarism, and so on.n
nIn order to support the smart contract interlock system, Civil intends to issue a number of functions tokens, including access to content, participate in news gathering and drafting decisions, punish the wrong content.n
nSuccessfully, Civil founder Matthew Iles believes that this tokens-based workflow can significantly reduce the cost of setting up news publishers and support the more profitable articles that the current mainstream media ignores.n
nn”We believe that the cost of a centralized business model can not achieve valuable journalism, and I think there is a possibility of creating a highly efficient business model that will allow journalism to exist in areas that are not possible today.”n
nIndustry supportn
nIn order to build this decentralized infrastructure, the start-up company takes some of the industry’s important tasks as advisors and lessons learned, including former New York Post editor Lauren Ramsby and local news site DNAinfo editor John Ness.n
nNew Yorker ( reporter Blake Eskin and CoinFund founder Jake Brukhman will also provide advice.n
nPrior to joining Civil, McGeveran and another consultant, Josh Benson, founded Capital New York and was acquired by Politico in 2013.n
nMcGeveran and Benson left Politico in January, joining former colleague Katherine Lehr to build a media project “portal” to reshape journalism.n
nMcGeveran said:n
nn”That company has not yet appeared, but Civil is a big part of our work.”n

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