Former CFTC member joined the cryptocurrency exchange as a consultant

nBuzz comments: Bart Chilton, a former Former CFTC Board member who is concerned about the cryptocurrency industry, recently announced that he will join Omega One, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, as a consultant to provide regulatory guidance. The key reason he made this decision was the Exchange’s recognition of the positive role of government regulation in the development of cryptocurrency markets, in keeping with Chilton’s own proposition. This news also makes people aware of the ideology in the field of cryptocurrency is evolving.n
nTranslation: Inan
Bart Chilton, a former commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has said he hopes to promote the development of cryptocurrency trading through a regulated market, and he is currently working to make that happen.n
Chilton announced on January 23 that he will serve as a consultant to the Omega One, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange focused on regulatory efforts in the United States and abroad, aiming to attract retail and institutional investors.n
Chilton explained in reply to CoinDesk’s email that one of the reasons he accepted this new role is that Omega One’s team also believes that crypto-currency transactions should be promoted through proper regulation.n
He said:n
n”I talked to Alex Gordon-Brandor, Omega One’s chief executive, for a moment, and explained how Omega One wants to break the mold that most companies in the digital world are doing their best to stay away from government or regulation.” He said we need to be transparent and open, and Follow the appropriate rules. “n
nIn addition to advising on regulatory issues, Chilton said he is also keen to participate in the “Brooklyn” project, a cross-industry regulation in the cryptocurrency space launched by blockchain technology company ConsenSys, one of Omega One’s partners .n
The news means that the former government regulators will use his previous experience in driving emerging industry norms to contribute to shaping the development of cryptocurrencies.n
Chilton held positions with the CFTC from 2007 to 2014 and has a strong voice in protecting investors by strengthening market supervision and implementing position limits. He also publicly opposed legislative delays in the Dodd-Frank Act.n
Chilton previously commented that although the United States should embrace the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, he believes proper regulatory oversight is needed to achieve sustainable growth in the industry, especially when it comes to investor protection. He pointed out that regulation may also solve the problem of volatile price of bitcoin.n

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