Former Morgan Stanley CEOs focus on encrypted money investment tools

nnnStorm chain comment: Block chain encryption money market is not yet finalized, the field of business is not mature, it can not provide a complete balance of the industry ecology. The Omega One hopes that through their own efforts, so that the encrypted currency easier to obtain, lower cost. So as to make the whole ecological development. And the involvement of regulators and experts could bring benefits to the encrypted money market.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe market matures, attracting more traditional financial experts, John Mack and other investors to see the gap between market access. Mack put money into what he thinks is right: ICO.n
nVenture capital and encrypted currencyn
nJohn Mack was CEO of Morgan Stanley and is now focusing on digital money. The banker said the investment in digital currency for many years, its mail wrote:n
nn”I have observed and invested in encrypted money market for many years, and we believe that the Omega One will bring about the power of change because it is beneficial to the entire ecological environment, making the encrypted assets cheaper and easier to obtain.”n
nnHe invests through his own portfolio of Venture One, which will make it easier for investors to make digital money more attractive through Omega One. Mack is currently the only investor in the project.n
nBrokers and tokensn
nAlex Gordon-Brander explains:n
nn”We are a bridge between traditional capital markets and encrypted money markets, providing balance sheet adjustments and all services such as trusted counterparts.”n
n”We see it as an early sign of institutions entering the money market.”n
nnIn the past 18 months, the digital money market has matured.n
nThe interest of investment institutions is noticeable, but some people do not know how to buy encrypted money digital assets. From how to correctly declare profits to IRS, to how best to secure storage.n
nRegulation and education seem to be a stumbling block, but the knowledge gained by senior experts in securities trading and investment instruments may be of great benefit to the recognition of the entire money market.n
nGordon-Brander said the customer will master the system native tokens and plans to conduct ICO between August and December this year.n

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