Former PayPal Data Scientist Dr. Ding Lei served as an Ownership consultant


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Dr. Ding (Ding Lei) is currently the chief data scientist for a domestic search engine company, who was the head of Paypal’s consumer data science. From 2012 to the end of 2015, Dr. Ding led the team at Paypal to build the AI ​​platform and serve the global number Billion users and millions of businesses, optimized their shopping experience, through the AI ​​platform, as a business can be operational to predict the behavior of users to precisely and their dialogue.n
nDr. Ding has been leading the Data Science team at Intent Media, with years of experience in areas such as large data, artificial intelligence and block chains. Previously, he conducted research and development at the University of Columbia and IBM Watson Laboratories in the field of large-scale machine learning and artificial intelligence, and then studied management at Stanford University.n
nIn the field of data science and block the chain of such a halo Dr. Ding Lei, and from Yale, Stanford, Harvard and other prestigious young students founded the block chain project OWNERSHIP, and what kind of contact it.n

nDr.Ding (Ding Lei)n
nLet’s take a brief look at Ownership, which is a cryptographic tool that uses a zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, and secure multi-party computing to construct a de-centric data co-computation and privacy protection and data security Exchange system. Simply put, although many people or institutions have data in their hands, but are not willing to exchange with others, through Ownership allows others to use their own data, and pay, but will not let others in their own without permission Take away their own data.n
nWe can look at large data and artificial intelligence, it is the premise that there is a lot of data available. Although the application prospects are very broad, but in the promotion of large data use, there are still many challenges: First, a small number of institutions have absolute monopoly of data, most of the data concentrated in these institutions. Because of the lack of necessary liquidity, the value of the data can not really play out. Like rare disease data, only through the sharing of mechanisms and platforms, in order to provide assistance for patients. Second, the application of large data should be based on the premise of respect for user privacy, and how to take into account the data open and innovative, large data industry is facing an important issue. Enterprises through large data to understand the characteristics and needs of users, need to fully respect their privacy. Third, the existing large data architecture can not guarantee that the data itself is not tampered with, thus limiting the need to establish trust and the right to apply the scene. Such as credit data, if there is no way to ensure the true validity of the data, it is difficult to use in the relevant agencies in the decision-making process.n
nData because its essence is in the computer network by 0 and 1 composed of numbers, so that data ownership becomes very difficult to be clear. First of all, the data because of its digital nature, makes the data is very easy to be copied, and copy the data and the original data is exactly the same without any difference. Second, when anyone gets the copied data, the original owner of the data loses control of the data, and the person who replicates the data has the same rights as the original data owner. Because of the above two questions, it is very difficult to exchange data or trade between the two data owners, usually with the help of a trusted third party. But now the central party of the transaction and because of its nature of profit and loss of the original should have their own neutrality and justice, such as data precipitation, do not pay attention to the data owner’s privacy or even fraud and other issues.n
nSo, as you know, we all know that there are gold in the data, so most companies will take a closed approach, although the ability of the Nuggets today is not strong, but I just do not allow others to dig. This attitude will hinder the development of many research, so that the best data scientists may not have the opportunity to obtain data for analysis and processing.n
nOWNERSHIP brought changesn
nWe often mention, including Baidu has been under the re-injection of – artificial intelligence, in fact, nothing more than three points: algorithms, models, data. The current depth of learning algorithm has been very mature, in all walks of life has also begun to use, but the artificial intelligence in the algorithm and model are very mature circumstances, still encountered obstacles, as mentioned in the previous text: data can not Shared, fear of privacy, data hegemony is serious.n
nDr Ding said:n
nn”We believe that the existing large data architecture can be supported by the block chain technology, so that more secure and more effective to play the value.First, different from the center of the data island, through the block chain to achieve safe and reliable data sharing Using the characteristics of the block chain, you can easily and reliably implement de – centric, end – to – end encryption of cloud storage on which the data owner has absolute control over the data and the flexibility to share it Third party.n
nnThe Ownership engine provides an environment for running privacy protection to centralize the application, enabling participants to achieve multi-party collaborative computing with full control over data ownership.n
nWhat does this mean? The other person does not need to give me the data, and I can use the data to analyze the calculations and get the results, including training the artificial intelligence without getting the other data (more accurately called the machine intelligent). In the machine learning boom today, the data as a variety of machine learning algorithm “food” is the needs of all walks of life, but “food” is locked in the “landlord” of the cellar, “landlords” because of the various Such as data security, privacy protection, ownership of data ownership and so on and let the valuable “food” can not be a reasonable use. And with OWNERSHIP, these obstacles will not exist, so that better data scientists to participate in this large data feast, so that the data is no longer prefer to hold in the hands of rotten do not share the stones to others, or Is the merchant who sells to the black market, so that the real owner of the data is infringed.n
nAs an advisor to OWNERSHIPn
nDr. Ding Lei in-depth communication with the Ownership team, saw the block chain technology development for the application of large data to bring new ideas and development direction, and highly recognized the team’s technical strength, as well as to the center of the data collaborative computing on the future Data analysis and the subversion of artificial intelligence.n
nDr. Ding Lei officially decided to assume the Ownership adviser, and Ownership was also the first project of the consultant to personally consult, and for the exploration of large data analysis and the future collaboration with Ownership, let us wait and see.n

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