Former U.S. Senator Judd Gregg: bitcoin may change the world

Former U.S. Senator Judd Gregg: bitcoin may change the world

Former governor of New Hampshire, three Senator JuddGregg said he believes bitcoin can change the world view of currency.

GregHill yesterday published essays outlining his thought that people believe the reason, how to use bitcoin bitcoin and its implications for the global economy.

Gregg simply compares the bitcoin gold and pointed out that the latter has value because of its rarity and widely accepted by banks, while the former mainly rely on the holder of the faith. He wrote that the key difference is that the current bitcoin is not held by the central bank.

Since bitcoin is not subject to any country, the government or the central bank’s control, Gregg said: “this sounds great, so people will say” sprinkle some magic powder, we came to the world of the dream. “.”

He continued:

“However, this is a kind of traditional view too. Bitcoin can really change the business world.”

He said that if there are good reasons to believe that bitcoin or subsequent encryption currency has real value, then it may usher in a new era, a new era of world currency will have a “striking” potential.

However, Gregg also pointed out the importance of the dollar in the world economy, and that “it is difficult to predict what time the dollar lost its status as a core element of world business.”

At the same time as the published comments on the former senator, the American political parties are gradually awakening, recognize the possibility of contain encryption currency and block chain technology in technical and financial aspects.

In June 2017, Nevada Senator BenKieckhefer has launched a new law for the state to attract a wide range of blockchain paved the way for new venture. The law prohibits the taxing of block chain technology in Nevada, and recognized the legitimacy of the signature chain block.

Last March, the Maine Senator EricBrakey initiated and legislative proposals submitted to the Maine state Senate, and was only used in the establishment of a special election of the central block chain and the paper ballots.

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