“Fortune”: Arizona State University, together with the coins to set up a chain of chain laboratories

nnnAlthough the United States and many colleges and universities are studying the popular block chain, Arizona State University will soon be with the well-known digital currency together to create the block chain research laboratory will be the first official technology research institutions. Arizona State University said that the choice of cooperation with the currency is due to value it in the practical application of the advantages. Both sides hope to develop such partnerships, solve practical problems, and enrich students in this area of ​​knowledge.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nStudents at Arizona State University (ASU) will soon have access to the block chain experience, one of the world’s hottest technologies, and are widely used on digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Darwin.n
nOn Aug. 17, Dasun announced that it would work with the ASU Institute of Engineering to establish a “block chain research laboratory” to study block-chain technology and disseminate its possibilities to students. Press release wrote:n
nnThe preliminary study will focus on block chain scalability, best practices, network architecture, environment-friendly mining, latency and throughput. This month will start work, with the development of this partnership, the core of the core of the world may also teach students in school.n
nnBlock chain technology is to rely on multiple computers to create tamper-resistant transaction books of software, the most well-known application is to support the operation of Bitcoin. But it also aroused great interest in key industries such as shipping and finance, which believe that its recording system can create a more secure and efficient supply chain.n
nLike other digital currencies, the currency is both a digital currency and a specific type of chain. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Ryan Taylor, CEO, said he believes that the currency is better than Bitcoin because it can be designed for faster transactions and it is built around voting incentives. Encourage good management.n
nAs of the beginning of the year as a key to the protection of privacy as the key to the emergence of digital currency, formerly known as dark coins. Compared to Bitcoin, its use is much smaller, worth about $ 1.5 billion, while the value of Bitcoin has more than $ 50 billion.n
nThe block-chain lab will be built on the ASU campus, and Dragan Boscovic, technical director of the University’s CASCADE Research Laboratory, says the lab is working with the company, partly because it has a lot of practical use.n
nBoscovic said in a statement:n
nn”InstantSend is a very important feature that can meet the most pressing needs of real business applications.” The realm is a block of the masses, and its superiority includes several aspects.n
nnOther universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Princeton, have conducted block-chain research, but according to the company, the new laboratory will be the first official research institution dedicated to actively studying the application of block-chain technology.n

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