Fortune: Venture Homebrew consider launching ICO, that can go hand in hand with VC

nnnnBattle of CB Insights “Future Financial Technology” meeting, the establishment of venture capital firm 2013bb, announced the launch of ICO. But after that only discussed once or twice, and did not determine whether the implementation. The founders believe that traditional venture capital will coexist with ICO financing, because traditional financing channels can not only provide funds, but also can provide valuable advice.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
n2013 Twitter and the former venture capital firm set up venture capital firm Homebrew consider using the latest controversial financing method: ICO.n
nICO based on the block chain technology, is the way, the company sells similar to the currency and the currency currency or denomination, and the stock is different. Although there are more than 30 ICO projects this year, only the global venture capital firm has completed the deal: Blockchain Capital’s ICO raised $ 10 million in April.n
nCB Insights “Future of Fintech” conference, Homebrew partner and co-founder Satya Patel said, “the next round of financing we will use ICO, how to feel.”n

nHowever, Patel then in a group meeting with several venture investors, to recover the previous statement, said Homebrew has not yet determined to launch ICO. “It should be said that we have already discussed at one or two partner meetings.”n
nPatel said San Francisco’s Homebrew provided seed round financing (already investing in Shyp and Skimm) for the early stages of the company, and the financial technology start-up company formed almost a quarter of the portfolio. While block-block enthusiasts and ICO supporters predict that new financing systems would replace traditional start-up companies’ financing channels and let venture investors lose their jobs, Patel said the two could “coexist”. After all, entrepreneurs from the venture capital firms where not only access to funds, at least venture capital firms think so. Patel said, “because if your chief engineer is dismissed, the final token can not call at 11 pm.”n
nn”We think the best entrepreneurs pay attention to the funds, but pay more attention to the proposal.”n

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