Founder reddit said the dog coins temporarily, “toxic ecosystem”

Founder reddit said the dog coins temporarily, “toxic ecosystem”

April 24th – the dog coins (Dogecoin), one of the founders of Adobe senior manager Jackson Palmer (Jackson Palmer) said he will “vacation leave” digital currency exchange community.

Parr the default for this ecosystem now is “toxic”, he would like to take this opportunity to detox. At the same time, he also did not forget to encourage users can not ignore the dog dog coins coin grassroots pleasure culture. The dog coins since 2013 after the launch in December, quickly became one of the most popular digital currency. But recently affected by the trend, the dog coins fans enthusiasm a little sluggish.

Parr is currently the default digital currency by currency of the ideology and the low quality of the entrepreneurs, the entire industry is in a period of stagnation (as I think Palmer has such a view, apparently by the current currency market impact), he said:

“In general, digital currency circle feeling more and more like a bunch of white liberals together, hope to use some halfcooked business concepts and beautiful slogans to this attempt is build up the family fortunes, often fail.”

Palmer also said that the 15 years of the first quarter hit a new record of venture capital, in his opinion this also to fan the flames role for speculation has.

“I have no time to waste in this community,” he added.

Palmer to members of the Kentucky Senator and Rand Paul of the American Association of tea recently accused support as an example, digital currency participants did little to try to build a rich inclusive community.

“Community basically by white men, many of them with no government liberal beliefs, this point I can’t really agree.” Palmer said.

Although due to the successful community currency dog influx of newcomers, but Palmer believes they have received good effects of old fans behavior character.

It is worth noting that some of the views of Palmer and the coin circle point echoes, such as media mogul Fusion in a recent article on the criticism bitcoin circle is obviously male dominance.

Palmer also criticized the lack of development mode of digital currency looks good in technology to let the public enjoy. 除了数字货币兑换和数字货币交易这种简单地从客户那里分一杯羹的商业,他说他还没有看到一个获得风险投资的比特币业务具有可证明的商业模式(也就是说能带来利润)。

For people like property loss story, Palmer showed weakness and calls it “a hotbed of fraud”. On twitter (twitter) in his traditional low cost micro payment service provider Venmo showing the love, which shows that he still believes that the traditional basic technology has long-term value.

“These businesses need to charge the traditional credit card payment? They are there for a reason, that is to provide a guarantee for the prevention of fraud.”

“If my bank account has been stolen, I personally love to cancel the Trading (reverse charges).”

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