Founders of WikiLeaks Use Cryptocurrencies to Counter Financial Blockade 2.0

nCommenting on the runaway: A Sangqi, the founder of WikiLeaks website, has publicly stated that it is facing a second financial blockade recently. In order to obtain working capital in such a harsh situation, the website will continue its first encounter with the financial blockade in 2011, Further expand support for cryptocurrencies. Currently, in addition to bitcoin, the site also included Monroe, zcash and Litecoin. Assange also expressed his appreciation of the advantages of cryptocurrencies, it seems more optimistic about its prospects.n
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Julian Assange supports bitcoin anti-censorship featuresn

Born in Australia, Julian Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks. The site is dedicated to disclosing government and business-related leaks. It suffered the first financial blockade in 2011 and started accepting bitcoin since then. At that time, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and Bank of America all banned users from making donations to WikiLeaks. As a result, the site began accepting bitcoin donations on June 14, 2011.n
Assange recently mentioned the encryption currency and bitcoin. He also thanked the U.S. government and the blockade of the payment processing companies for pushing Bitcoin. Since 2011, the organization has received 4025 bitcoin, yielding more than 50,000%. Last week, Assange said Bitcoin is more realistic than the last financial protest triggered by global economic inequality. The founder said:n
n”Bitcoin is really occupying Wall Street.”n

Financial blockade 2.0n
Assange said to the public this week that WikiLeaks is currently working on “Financial Blockade 2.0,” and in addition to Bitcoin, its foundations now accept Monroe, Litecoin and zcash donations.n
Assange explained: “We found that the United States is taking measures against Wau Holland Stiftung, a foundation that works with us, which can provide our donors with tax relief in the EU, while the Press Freedom Foundation (FPF) has told us that, It will close our tax relief channel in the United States in January. “n
nLike our response to the first financial blockade, WikiLeaks will accept more cryptocurrencies, and those who want to fund WikiLeaks can now donate with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monroe and zcash. “n
nAs was the case in 2011, the legal team at WikiLeaks is also working hard to protect donor rights so that people can send money to the organization. Assange disclosed to the public on December 19 that the head of the legal team at WikiLeaks was harassed by the masked invaders.n
Assange said:n
n”The masked invaders broke into Baltasar Garzón’s Madrid-based office, head of the legal team at WikiLeaks, with no money to lose, but the surveillance camera was wrapped around the tape and was very professional and probably a cop.”n

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