France approved tobacco shop sales lottery bitcoin 2019 implementation

In new network on 26 November, according to the European Network quoted by news agency reported that the European Union, Japan, approved by the French financial regulatory agencies, from the beginning of 2019, France 24000 tobacco shops can sell directly to the consumer lottery bitcoin.

Data figure: bitcoin.

According to reports, the French chain store tobacco lottery partners, Cape Lexus financial technology for tobacco store lottery bitcoin, and also has cash register software vendor, to provide services for the sale of tobacco store lottery encryption currency.

Customers can store encrypted currency tobacco lottery sales documents, through the Cape Rick get bitcoin electronic wallet. This is bitcoin since listing, globally traded through the store for the first time.

Reported that the French 2019 fiscal year budget bill, has bitcoin sales tax from 36.2% down to 30%. The move will make the rate of encryption currency transactions consistent with other non real estate assets transaction.

According to regulations, the French financial regulatory authorities for 2019 years, France will allow the bitcoin system the first trial operation in about 4000 lottery tobacco shops. The system software will facilitate the consumer purchase price from 50 to 250 euros small bitcoin receipt, and then through the software and websites associated bitcoin conversion. After the test is successful, the system will be fully launched in France tobacco store lottery. (Zhong Xinming)

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