France Approves Trading of Unlisted Securities Through Blockchain Technology

nRunaway Comment: Small and medium-sized enterprises in all aspects of the advantages of large enterprises, but a large number can have a great impact on the economy. Therefore, many countries hope to utilize the unique advantages of blockchain technology to create lower development costs for small and medium-sized enterprises. Reuters recently reported that the French government approves the use of blockchain technology for trading unlisted securities to facilitate the participation of SMEs in the financial sector and at the same time uses the transparency of the blockchain to protect the interests of investors and reduce OTC transactions risks of.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Reuters reported that the French government officially approved the use of blockchain technology for unlistedn
The article shows that the government has put in place new regulations and banks and financial technology companies can build blockchain platforms for trading unlisted securities. This adjustment allows asset trades to be independent of brokers and, in theory, can achieve near-instantaneous rates.n
Bruno Le Maire, the country’s finance minister, said the new regulations are good for Paris’s financial center.n
n”The use of this new technology will enable financial technology companies and other financial practitioners to develop new ways of trading securities that are faster, cheaper, more transparent and secure.”n
nThe move belongs to the country’s plan to train Paris as a center of financial innovation.n
The French government has been carrying out various blockchain projects, including a blockchain working group set up in May this year to study the implementation of the blockchain and explore its benefits and applications in the public sector.n
In addition, the London Stock Exchange Group has partnered with IBM to test proprietary platforms for unlisted securities transactions. The platform is designed to digitize the ownership of securities and the capital structure of SMEs.n

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