France is gradually put into the scope of supervision of bitcoin

France is gradually put into the scope of supervision of bitcoin

The French parliament today issued a report, the government should discuss how to regulate bitcoin transactions.

The report is called “government supervision innovation front: public institutions and the development of the virtual currency,” the report is introduced before the June the 23rd financial report is the committee meeting between Chairman Philippe Marini and Senator Francois Marc based on the dialogue.

This report was in January this year, a meeting of the conference of the enlightenment, by the French parliament, the Ministry of finance, customs, Bank of France, the French TracFin (mainly dealing with money laundering and bitcoin) joint meeting of experts.

In addition to discussing the types of bitcoin regulations, the report also discussed the bitcoin laws and regulations of other countries, and the specific use of the future.

Although bitcoin is still just a virtual barter tool, report password currency long-term growth trend is significant, the government should not be ignored.

The report also saw bitcoin positive side, although it does not neglect the bitcoin “volatile devaluation, anonymity and lack of legal protection and other features, but the report highlights bitcoin could become the future payment system and payment agreement to the center of the.

The report said that France had strict supervision of bitcoin, but relatively moderate method “in the most severe between Japan and Russia, and supervision of the most liberal America and Canada and israel”.

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