From the browser to the currency of the whole currency data platform, “Tokenview” to “just need to” provide tools and services

Currency prices skyrocketing, people with “faith” recharge, continue to support the market price rise; long bear, people think the price bottom with the fundamentals of judgment.

Unfortunately, the traditional model does not fit the digital currency, even if the grinding model, the input data availability is not strong. Heard so many slogans, the world’s most transparent chain blocks do not lie, is still on the chain data. From the node for data acquisition, processing more graceful way to appear, become a lot of blockchain browser KPI, and traders to block chain browser dependent, also strengthen the latter “infrastructure of digital currency” status.

As we know, in order to check the BTC, ETH block and address information, and Etherscan and a good block chain browser. If you want to understand the “small data currency” chain, and where to find them?

The daily planet Odaily recently contacted Tokenview , has in its official website on the 67 line in two block chain browser. The sponsors introduced the earliest history of Shanxi, team selection starting from the browser, for their own mining and trading just need. Later, as the third generation of the public and the rise of the main chain line, Tokenview on a weekly basis “new”, to provide users with free blockchain browser more currency. From March 2018 to now officially, daily 10w+ site traffic, also confirms the team accurate grasp of market demand.

Needs not only from the male traders, chain projects also hope that through infrastructure more transparent, and to strengthen the community’s trust, let the currency circle of the future is not just a handful of mainstream sound currency. Therefore, the original “Chain Wallet, transactions, web browsers have their own” will block chain browser sponsored Tokenview response set.

For Tokenview, another good browser, daily one billion level data accumulate, derived from data services, such as “sideline” large transaction monitoring, intelligent analysis, contract DAPP and public real data mining chain. I took a look at the official website of Tokenview, the dimensions of mining, trading, chain, project and DAPP data are entrance, which more features is “market forecast” plate.

The history of Jin said, marking the buying and selling point, give support and pressure, and the truth and the bullish bearish Jiancang not many in the K graph (no nonsense model that doesn’t count). Tokenview has been in the analysis of data chain, found that the inflow and outflow, new exchange / active address number and correlation between prices, and with the team and other partners to jointly optimize the quantization model and trading strategies, finally to plug the way into the customer’s products.

Although this sector is still in the testing phase, and the trend is difficult to predict solid, but I think the market’s judgment may become Tokenview “products”.

Here, the development of a full currency block chain browser output data analysis by the way, how is like the good “business” (last month, the United States digital currency trading company ChainAlysis has just completed a $30 million B round of financing). Why can the incoming, to the crowd? The answer is simple, data services are too expensive.

Said first data source, to ensure accurate and timely data acquisition, a node hardware investment and maintenance costs since Needless to say. Again the word “data cleaning dirty work: not only needs to have the personnel data analysis experience of manual annotation. Start this work, also have engineers training model from AI background to accelerate the cleaning process. The characteristics of each chain, data structured work can not directly reuse.

Shi Jin believes that since the data providers have focused on the method of exchanging and sharing is perhaps the most convenient, but also more in line with the spirit of “blockchain”. For example, in the transaction data, CoinMarketCap Tokenview cooperation with the head of the track; stealing coins, and the exchange and cooperation of security company. The advantages of Tokenview in the to C product experience, will focus on optimizing the browser’s performance and experience, continue to add features “currency”, verify the address, address label transfer between trace map, accumulation optimization analysis model, the future will also influence analysis of different currencies price.

It is understood that the Tokenview income mainly from the public node chain collaboration, revenue, quantitative products and other customized data services. Relying on a team of its own funds to cover the upfront costs, has started the first round of financing, project financing amount of 20 million yuan, the release of 15-20% shares.

The main existing team of nearly 20 people, technology, rich block chain, AI+ big data, financial analysis, operating overseas experience. The history of Shanxi for serial entrepreneur, he worked for Microsoft, Monster, founder of APIN.AI and ant consulting, and put forward the “robot search” concept.

I am Odaily senior editor of the daily planet Hao Fangzhou, block chain quality projects for reports, plus nooxika, please note Name + company + subject.

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