From the end of the coin circle underground scam: money, money pyramid disc rampant, tens of billions of wealth were hand harvest

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 From the end of the coin circle underground scam: money, money pyramid disc rampant, tens of billions of wealth were hand harvest

In the coin rings, coins, money, air disc MLM coins, false propaganda routines emerge in an endless stream.

From “can not lose” bonus 11% “to” 100% full rebate, crooks means constant renovation, leek harvest sickle rattling sound.

In front of attractive benefits, there are unfortunately ignorant sets, there are people knowing that there is fraud, are still willing to risk your life.

However, this is a very dangerous game. Go bankrupt, tears, often is the final outcome of participants.

01 MLM money

“I have a good project to make money, to recommend to you.” The last 8 months, Xi’an SOE employees Wei Jingming, received a WeChat colleagues.

This project is called MCC, named “Chinese miners classic coin”. Wei Jingming was told that MCC is based on a block chain project issued by Mchain tokens, and block chain, is represent the general trend of the future”.

“Absolutely not lose money. You only invest in “cloud machine”, do not do the promotion, three and a half months will be able to return this.” My colleagues told him, “you can also like me, to introduce someone to invest, this money will be faster”.

Soon, Wei Jingming received a Mchain white paper sent to colleagues.

This white paper is rough, typos and frequent typesetting. It is said that Mchain is a service in the gambling game industry, “community” and “ecological system”. The user can have three kinds of Mchain based on the way of making money: buy machine, do promotion and currency speculation.

Among them, Mchain’s official currency speculation is not recommended, because of high investment and high risk”. Mchain officially encouraged, “buy mine” and “do promotion”.

The so-called “buy mine”, refers to the official Mchain purchase MCC cloud machine”. The price from 5500 yuan to 180 thousand yuan, the amount of money made more expensive higher. The value of 180 thousand yuan of “MCC cloud machine”, can produce daily 28.96 coins, each 60 yuan, the return time is 104 days.

But the cloud machine is more like a virtual account can be “just coins”. Mchain also has introduced its own mining mechanism.

“Do not open mining mechanism, especially the direct sale of its entity” cloud machine “and” cloud computing “, the basic can be identified as coins, coin air mlm.” An anonymous block of a block chain chain practitioners told reporters.

Although no association with IPFS, Mchain has also launched the so-called IPFS based entity mining machine. It is priced as high as 6300 yuan, and additional hosting fees charged to 0.5ETH, far more than the common market of IPFS mill.

And it is equipped with exclusive features, ironically, plug in the U disk, can be used as a MP3 music player.

 From the end of the coin circle underground scam: money, money pyramid disc rampant, tens of billions of wealth were hand harvest

Return channel and machine Mchain is given in the white paper on the return cycle

Mchain another way to make money, “do promotion”. To promote the completion of the “3000 dollars” (180 thousand yuan) of the amount of promotion, will be upgraded to “A1” level, can obtain the promotion of 24% income. But when the highest rebate of up to 36%. In addition, to obtain promotion performance in the “line”, “on-line” can also receive a commission.

Set the threshold, to encourage investors to pull off the assembly line, with high multiple rebate…… This is a model with mlm.

A noteworthy problem is that the Mchain of the white paper, to avoid the most important blocks in the information technology — white paper chain architecture with team members. The white paper and the biggest “bright spot”, but is Mchain on the NASDAQ on large screen advertising.

 From the end of the coin circle underground scam: money, money pyramid disc rampant, tens of billions of wealth were hand harvest

Mchain in the white paper for readers to leave the “homework questions”

In the sense that this might be a hoax, Wei Ming advised colleagues, but there is no effect “repent and be saved”.

In September 2018, Mchain announced the acquisition of the SINOC group. SINOC has the name of “IPFS community” in the name of selling machine, which was hit in the face. In the coin circle, its reputation is not good.

But Wei Jingming’s colleagues are in. He announced that high-profile in the circle of friends: “finally can justifiably sell the mills.”

The name of digital currency, the blockchain banner, for marketing, Mchain is not the first one, will not be the last one.

The first generation VEKA coin coin MLM (OneCoin) as an example.

Compared with other digital currency bitcoin technology, its mechanism is unknown, not open source code, the transaction log is not available. In addition, it set up a multi level membership system, the existence of “admission threshold” and “pull the head” mechanism, has obvious characteristics of the pyramid.

VEKA money the victim of a lot, the project is only in the China involving up to 15 billion yuan.

Just a few days ago, the United States FBI announced that VEKA has arrested money leader Konstantin Ignatov.

02 capital disc

In addition to MLM money currency circle rampant, another people hate chaos, money raging disc.

“Now, money currency circle disc project is the most fire PlusToken.” The investment of the project Zhang Jin told a reporter blockchain.

PlusToken describes himself as a “cross chain multi currency wallet” and “to the center of the trading platform”. In promotional materials, PlusToken will be called “the balance of treasure digital currency”.

“Unlike other wallet, PlusToken can open a” smart dog “,” automatic moving bricks, arbitrage gains of up to 10%-35% months.” Zhang Jin said.

The so-called “automatic moving bricks”, refers to when a currency in different platform price, system can be sold at high price to buy the platform, the platform, in order to make the difference.

To open this function, need to recharge a digital currency of more than $500.

PlusToken users “investment of a teacher” Wan Qing blockchain reporter said, “in the 1 million equivalent tokens in the PlusToken, open the” moving bricks, and use the income arbitrage “re cast, a year can earn about 7000000.”

PlusToken announced that users can put money out at any time, but the design of a currency threshold – within 28 days of the coin, collect fees of 5%; 28 days later, 1%. “The purpose is to allow the user to save money a few days.” Zhang Jin said.

Regardless of disc and MLM funds. PlusToken has also taken a multistage rebate pyramid mechanism.

The promotion of PlusToken, with ten bonus rebate. “Direct push a” rebate of up to 100%, two to ten layers of rebate is 10%.

“You can only charge a large $500, open the” smart dog “, with trumpet do move bricks, plus the rebate, there can be a double income.” Wan Qing explained.

In the high rebate, invite investors to join PlusToken, can also be profitable. “If you pull to 10 active users, each charge $500” entrance fee “, you can also have a monthly revenue of $500.” Zhang Jin said, “this is the reason people everywhere PlusToken invitation code.”

However, the world is such a good thing?

“Now the difference between currency exchange circle is very low, and it will soon be filled, can not have more than 10% monthly income.” Digital currency traders Sun Da told a quantitative blockchain reporter.

In his view, PlusToken is a hundred-percent capital dish, just a gimmick to move bricks.

Before PlusToken, money wheel is the most fire BHB coins ring.

In December 4, 2018, the “Fengjie” Luo Yufeng sent a micro-blog, urged them not to miss BHB. “Three rebate, bonus 11%” slogan, let BHB into the horizon.

In order to more investors, the BHB team and even shouted “WeChat group with 500 people 1 million cash” slogan.

Cash dividend is the most “gold coin circle information simple and crude” mode, rivers and lakes called bonus disc”. The victim is different from the currency in the MLM scam, engaged in capital disk speculation, often knowing risk.

But they believe that they will not be the disk access man funds “disc collapse”.

Witnessed a BHB currency price go up, and steadily rising dividends, game player Luo Xingsi also took out 5 coins, added to the BHB gamble. “I know, this is a game to see who could run faster.” He said.

But he did not think the collapse came so fast. In January 27th experienced a crazy development after 3 months, BHB flash collapse, one minute currency price plummeted 95%, leek were ruthless harvest. 5 bitcoin Luo Xingsi, among them.

In the BHB crash at the same time, with almost the same patterns of “bonus disc” ZXC and LEX, also can not escape the fate of collapse.

In the “wealth insurance requirements” the creed, the part of investors with capital gold overnight, but more people, become a victim.

 From the end of the coin circle underground scam: money, money pyramid disc rampant, tens of billions of wealth were hand harvest

03 other chaos

In the eyes of many practitioners, block chain industry has been questioned, and “blossom everywhere”. The project will not get off the hook.

The air ICO coins, fraud, fraud, beauty generation investment project…… Coin ring, ring chain fraud can be described as full of tricks.

2018 year 5 month, Shenzhen police announced the detection of “Pu silver” fraud. In the case of 3000 victims, involving up to 307 million yuan.

Pu silver is a digital currency of Shenzhen Pu silver block chain Group Co. Ltd. issued. The group claims that this is “the world’s first standard digital currency” — “behind every Pu silver, have equal real tea as collateral”.

However, the police investigation found that the company, Pu silver price manipulation in the background, and the “real tea mortgage” does not exist.

In addition to this fraud Pu silver out and out projects, there are a lot of false propaganda block chain project. The fraud of team members, is the most common case.

The film chain (MDC) as an example, two team members show the white paper, is actually the same person. His background is a fictional identity.

So is the block chain project “MIROSKII”. In the paper, the real estate broker is virtual constitute a number of Internet companies CEO, a lawyer is virtual engineer. In fact, most of the project team member’s true identity, is the advertising model.

In the coin circle, another field full of routines, “ICO generation investment”.

After “9 – 4”, ICO was characterized as “illegal fund-raising” in China territory, but there are still domestic investors flock ICO. Their choice is “generation investment”.

Unexpectedly, some investors will come share, as well as directly Juankuan run away.

In the “cast run away” in the case, “Li Shiqin case” is probably the most famous. In March 2018, the number of RFR (Refereum) investors broke the news, a man named “Li Shiqin” on behalf of the cast, in 18 thousand ETH swept away after refusing to send money, and pull the black investors. By the time the price of money, involving the matter up to 9000 million yuan.

Some investors believe that the “Li lute” may just be a carefully planned out the false identity, behind another person. But until today, the case is still coin ring a mystery.

Liar to cash out, investors want to cry without tears. In the coin circle, a long zero “dead money”, as the general tombstone vigilant later.

According to Coinopsy statistics, the global scope has been identified as “death coins” reached 545.

What is the “dead money”? The definition given by Coinopsy website, is a digital currency has been abandoned, and no death site node, wallet problems, social network shut down. As long as the one or more features, the currency can be sentenced to death”.

In some people, many of the digital currency itself has no value, investors are given their value. If all investors leave, the digital currency will all return to zero.

Block chain is a good technology, only by those dishonest people in the wrong place.” In the face of all the chaos, it is commented.

In front of the interests of the evil of human nature is infinite. To all the people to bear the consequences.

2019 years of digital currency market, will usher in the purification and regeneration?

Some of the respondents * text as a pseudonym.

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