From the net shop did not fall red blockchain uneasy, Internet catering in the way?

From the net shop did not fall red blockchain uneasy, Internet catering in the way?

 From the net shop did not fall red blockchain uneasy, Internet catering in the way? (1)

In February 6th, Nielsen announced the 2017 fourth quarter and annual Chinese consumer confidence index, the data show, Chinese consumer life rhythm and speed up the pace of consumption at the same time, consumers are willing to spend on food consumption accounted for 37%, Restaurant Become one of the mainstream consumer.

Changes in the economic development and the way of life of consumer psychology and consumer behavior has changed, there is higher demand in terms of diet, consumption upgrade trend of catering market gradually. In this trend, the traditional catering industry will usher in the reign of terror?

Under the crisis, the traditional food of Internet standards

stay Internet The era of rapid development, the impact of food and beverage industry is more and more big, traditional food problems become increasingly prominent, facing the increasingly urgent needs of transformation.

A problem, the catering industry low threshold, fierce competition between enterprises. Especially in the new era, the distinctive restaurants emerge in an endless stream, living space more and more small catering market. If the restaurant is not what characteristics and advantages as a barrier, easy to be out of the market. According to China report released data show that the catering enterprises have more than 320 million, up 70% year experience reshuffle.

Two, the catering business management system and service cannot meet the growing consumer demand, the closed circulation problems. The traditional catering building neglect in the hardware and software services, there is no uniform standard of information data, it is difficult for data and information analysis and operation. Which restaurant service system to keep up with the growth of consumer demand, consumers eat payment queuing also will become the norm; at the same time noisy environment and the uneven distribution of the artificial service to reduce the consumer experience, the contradiction between catering businesses and consumers more and more.

Three, the traditional catering to the needs of the seller oriented marketing mode gradually eliminated. The Internet’s blessing, to the seller oriented traditional marketing has become the past, buyers become the focus of the new marketing mode. The passive way of publicity catering sector the “sell themselves” has been behind the times, the restaurant should not stand in the passive position waiting for consumers, but should take the initiative to focus on consumer demand for marketing.

Effect of extensive period on the Internet, the traditional catering industry to achieve better development can only choose integration with the Internet, the Internet’s power, full of vitality and spirit of the times.

From the “Red Net” failed to block the chain Uneasy The Internet, catering sector hard road

The collision in the catering industry and the Internet in the process, the restaurant will first look at the marketing. Due to the consumption characteristics of young consumers, through Internet sales channels, a wave of “red net food” is on the rise. However, almost all of the good times don’t last long, red net food “in the fame and then return to calm, until the decline.

With “red net food” originator Huang Taiji as an example, once booming Huang Taiji pancake shop because consumption frequency is too low now have closed, after building a number of brand takeaway platform have suffered setbacks, a closed shop tide. Is the root cause of this phenomenon, the “Red Net restaurant”, although the use of the Internet thinking, but in the course of business there are many problems.

On the one hand, the blind expansion of in the absence of a mature business model, the brand is easy to lose the original value. A little shop Huang Taiji pancakes failed is that no standardized taste of food and a feasible copy operation experience, they opened a chain stores mode, makes the most easy to fall into paralysis, and even affect the store’s reputation, caused the collapse of the entire brand system.

On the other hand not to retain consumers reputation products. The red net store, many consumers are willing to pay for it out of curiosity and a herd mentality. Restaurant sales is too high, the food can not keep up the pace of sales quality will decline, when businesses out of their products that put up a pageantry, the consumer when the quality is not up to the expectation in the heart, will have a psychological gap, plus the price and other reasons, it is difficult to make consumers produce two consumer impulse.

By selling fruit pancake with feelings of Huang Taiji, compared with similar products on the market does not have the taste of the advantage, the price is not good, eat a few dishes or, in this case how consumers will often pay for it?

With the upsurge of network red food “fade, catering industry to explore the Internet was blocked. Unwilling to fail in the food and beverage industry will be transferred to the service management, with the “blockchain, block chain + catering model began to flourish. For example, catering SaaS platform acquired by 20 million bit million yuan A round of financing by venture capital investment, the investment valuation of 200 million yuan, the funds will be used for research and development and upgrading of the block chain SaaS products. However, the catering sector behind this tide block chain, whether hidden and “red net food” as the crisis?

First, block chain currently does not have a uniform standard, catering + block chain product quality can not be evaluated. For the blockchain concept at present there is no unified and clear standards, and no authority to assess, it is easy to cause in the application block chain appeared in the process of “cohabitation” the situation. Block chain technology has been continuously changing innovation, application is still in the exploratory stage, in this case will be applied to the block chain catering industry, catering will make the future development with more uncertainty.

Second, block chain technology itself is not mature, catering information security can not be guaranteed. Although the blockchain technology in principle with high safety and reliability, but because there is not enough mature technology, in the actual application process may not be able to achieve the desired effect.

In the financial books mode block chain system for example, the private key is the only proof of the identity of a user, which means that in the process of consumption needs to be private and consumer identity binding by the block chain operator to keep the private key. In this case, the safety management becomes a very important problem of the private key, and this problem at the present stage of development of the blockchain, and can not rely on their own to solve, but also need the help of external system technology. That is to say, if the block chain is widely applied to food, once the blockchain problems in this regard, there will be a large number of consumers’ personal information was leaked.

Third, because of the block chain to the center of the function, the derivatives market regulation more difficult, prone to confusion. Although the chain block to the center of the technology optimization of the traditional economic system, but this is not clear the main set, the main body of regulation is difficult to carry out effective control, easily lead to confusion of market. The combination of food + block chain catering to the market has become more open and sharing at the same time, the probability of criminals into the catering market will further increase.

All sorts of restrictions, who are unable to guarantee the blockchain + catering will not take “red net with food in the road, the road to explore the Internet in the catering sector should continue to work hard.

Color value, service and traffic coexist strength the Internet is the future of food

Although the “red net food” and finally most failed, block chain is full of uncertainty, but it is undeniable that the catering industry in the exploration process of the Internet in the general direction is correct. Through the transformation of the Internet to try and explore the future of the catering industry should be how to go on the route is also increasingly clear.

First of all, set up the food and beverage brands, to create a scene of consumption. In the brand can learn from “red net food” routine, the pursuit of high color value to seize the consumer psychology, the feeling to find everything fresh and new people in the restaurant decoration environment, the use of the unique creative restaurant makes comes with the topic, then using social media platforms and other channels wide spread, started the restaurant brand. Of course, look at the yen value is unable to meet the growing needs of consumers, consumers now pay more attention to the scene of the consumer. The design, life and shop together, so that consumers not only to eat and eat, but enjoy the process.

Secondly, improve the catering operation mode. In the era of intelligent, the restaurant should be used more convenient and more intelligent operation mode. For example, in the hardware infrastructure to consider a combination of online and offline composite operation v. please, improve the work efficiency of the source restaurant. In the consumer experience can realize intelligent services, from booking, ordering, payment, and food, are available through the mobile phone to complete the review, improve the service efficiency of the restaurant, to change the traditional restaurant queuing, noisy and other issues, while satisfying the consumer experience, enhance consumer loyalty.

Finally, return to nature of food. Excellent food quality is the fundamental food to settle down, the exquisite decoration and creative marketing is just auxiliary, can not let the restaurant continued flourishing. Want to let the restaurant development better, will focus on creating high-quality food products. From R & D, food ingredients supply should do to control, pay attention to food products to ensure product details, do not live up to the expectations of consumers.

In the Internet era, most of the traditional enterprises will inevitably need to transition, this is a big trend, only conform to the trend in order to keep up with the pace of development of the times. Although the food and beverage industry in the way of exploring the Internet is full of frustrations, but the courage to explore the spirit worthy of every industry and individual learning. In the following consumer demand supreme law, build and develop high-quality food products through innovative marketing, good environment and service, the future of food must be high Yan value, high service, high flow strength coexist.

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