From the start to the center of the crash, bitcoin may, are not worth a penny

Bitcoin and block chain, at the beginning of the 18 year, has become the technology industry practitioners meeting will talk about the topic, not one.

After 11 months of hibernation, bitcoin in a fierce dispute in the bifurcation hard fell, still hold currency circle of friends in the faith at the scene, a kind of what kind of feeling?

At the beginning of the year, the mountain area bitcoin mining machine factory hype, be in full swing, and approached the end of the year, there was a 180 degree turn, we see more of this situation:

At the beginning of the year, a block chain development engineer, a monthly salary of up to 5-8 million, the hype, began to get people, even as long as the relevant entry can immediately. With a bitcoin market slump, this appeal to the end of the year almost disappeared.

This morning, which is November 25th morning, after bitcoin fell below $4000, again flash collapse, hitting $3800

Then, as to the center of the bitcoin, capacity is certain. Arguably, a rarity, why would stumble endlessly, not in the end? In fact, the so-called decentralized bitcoin, computing power or control in the hands of a few people, for example, when the peak of 75% bit, occupy the work force. This time, it is a bit, and Australia Nakamoto bitcoin in memory have great differences, resulting in hard bifurcated, which will bitcoin to the bottom.

I have been not against the block chain is that the underlying technology, but if the block chain with virtual currencies, even if the early indeed do technology team, with the temptation of huge profits, will slowly corrode, or block chain project we see is 99% of the Ponzi scheme. This is generally divided into several steps:

First, create a unique concept

This is like the early Chinese domain name, let you look at you is the only. We usually see the gold coins, coin coin collection of Pu’er, etc.. That is to build your uniqueness with technological means, scarcity and can not be tampered with and replaced, in fact, only one purpose, to make you think that you buy virtual currency is the absolute value, and the day after the rise.

Two, the establishment of the blockchain community

We have not seen any block chain project to build community, community building is the so-called consensus. If 100 thousand people agree with your community, your future in the virtual currency issue, there are 100 thousand disk access man. So the block chain assembly, we see the forum, as well as a number of media reports and participate in, is to create a community to.

Three, integral system

Usually, the block chain company cannot come up to the virtual currency issue, but let you earn some points, let these points seems to be valuable, even some can exchange advertising, tourism and hotels, and even real estate. But for the equivalent of these items, in fact is nothing more than some of the contract, even many of them are false contracts. That is to say, the internal integral ecosystem, there is no way to circulate in the market, the business to you is also an illusion provided.

Four, the virtual currency exchange

In order to make their own virtual currency issuance appears to have value, will usually give you a link to tell you you are buying virtual currency can be traded. But in fact, may be issued on the exchange does exist, but you have to open the web site and web site, but also businesses privately purchased. That is to say, in addition to exchange your currency, the rest is normal, as white you couldn’t tell the difference. Even really exist exchange, now shelves a new virtual currency cost from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. As long as you have money, you can go.

After reading the above several chain rings and coins ring, you also believe that bitcoin’s belief?

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