From the tower “Metropolis” upgrade release still months

nnnIn the open meeting of the core development team, the team announced the timetable for the final test phase of the “Metropolis” hard bifurcation of the upcoming network, but the exact date of the upgrade has not yet been determined. According to the development team, this round of testing will begin in the end of this month to early September, is expected to last three to four weeks to be completed after the test phase based on the test results published hard bifurcation release date.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nIn contrast to the recent discussion of the chatter, the ITC developers have not yet finalized the exact date of the upcoming “Metropolis” hard bifurcation.n
nHowever, today’s core development team announced a timetable for the final testing phase at a public meeting. Although the initial release date is expected to be around August or September, the development is still in progress and the plan is actually postponed.n
nThe ethertop team plans to release the four-phase upgrade, while Metropolis is the third phase of its plan. As CoinDesk previously reported, Metropolis may be seen as an important cornerstone of the overall usability of the platform. The Metropolis hard bifurcation (new software releases may cause early versions of the software to be incompatible with the network) will be released in two phases – Byzantium and Constantinople.n
nAt today’s meeting, the team succeeded in establishing the full specification of the “Towers Square Improvement Agreement”. Developers are now ready to enter the next stage, further in the test network for bifurcation test. And the final release date will be confirmed on the basis of the progress achieved in this process.n
nThese tests will begin at the end of this month to early September. The test phase is expected to last three to four weeks, which means that it is possible to announce the expected release date for the hard bifurcation in the last week of September or the first week of October (if everything is going as planned).n

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