Frost u0026 Sullivan Interview with BITSE Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer – Lu Yang

nnnFrost u0026 Sullivan researcher Sachi Mulmi conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Lu Yang, co-founder and chief operating officer of BITSE. In this interview, Mr. Lu Yang conducted a multidimensional analysis of his company and industry, shared his views on the application and development of the block chain technology, and described his team’s vision.n
nnTranslated by: Inan

nMr. Lu Yang is the co-founder and chief operating officer of BITSE, and is responsible for business development and partnership with well-known enterprises such as LV and PWC. He was also the chief information officer of LV China, leading the IS u0026 T team to support business growth in more than 65 regions, including global / regional compliance deployments and plans to launch. He also has experience in business development for block-chain applications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and communication engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He is attracted by new technologies such as the Internet and the block chain, using the night to learn more about the knowledge. He has 12 years of work experience and is not afraid to embark on a new journey because his goal is to change the world as an entrepreneurial entrepreneur.n
nFrost u0026 Sullivan researcher Sachi Mulmi (hereinafter referred to as SM) this time Mr. Lu Yang (hereinafter referred to as land) – BITSE co-founder and chief operating officer conducted a character interview.n
nSM: What is the biggest challenge your company faces and what strategies can be overcome?n
nLu: We are in the field of cutting-edge technology, that is, block chain, we face the biggest challenge is to educate the market and customers. We look forward to more and more people understand the block chain technology, which not only can reform the financial industry, but also to change other industries.n
nOur “market-oriented” strategy has three steps:n
nna) The development of prominent business (which means working with well-known brands or businesses that lead the market; this collaborative case will be a good way to promote our block chain solutions), several typical industries including luxury retail, wine, car And agriculture.n
nb) Establish channels of cooperation for different industriesn
nc) Partnering with partners to develop a chain platformn
nSM: What do you want the company to achieve in the next few years, how do you define its success?n
nLand: Our goals for the next few years:n
nna) Establish a mature channel with more than 100 partnersn
nb) to achieve more than 100 million ID managementn
nc) Trusted services to support businesses worth more than $ 1 billionn

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nSM: What trends do you think are most relevant to the financial technology market and how do you see these trends?n
nLand: VeChain’s customers are in luxury retail, wine, car and agricultural markets. We focus on applying block-chain technology to product lifecycle management, supply chain management, security, and any multi-party business collaboration.n
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nSM: What are the drivers and limitations of this market?n
nLu: We believe that the chain of chains can provide customers with new business cooperation that will enable them to enjoy the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and reliable cooperation automation.n
nThe limiting factor is how to quickly achieve business consensus and agreement, so that multiple parties can use a unified block chain platform.n
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nSM: What are the potential impacts of financial technology on traditional financial services?n
nLu: What we are doing is to change the foundation of traditional financial services by creating a trustworthy collaborative ecosystem that will generate trustworthy data. If the chain can be integrated into the traditional framework and system, which will bring new opportunities for the financial industry, thereby changing the financial industry.n
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